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Ol’ Scruffy: Don’t Take me Seriously……Really!

UPDATE: Former Finnish FM Erkki Tuomioja, has backtracked from his original suggestion that the rationing of gasoline would be one way to battle Global Warming or Climate Change (take your pick).

YLE News:Social Democratic MP Erkki Tuomioja denies that he is seriously suggesting the rationing of petrol. On Tuesday Tuomioja qualified comments he had made on Monday at a panel discussion of candidates for the SDP chairmanship, saying that he put the ideas forward just for the sake of argument, and not as a serious proposal”

Come on Eki, you don’t really believe we’ll fall for that line as well do you? I like what Seppo Eskelinen, chairman of the SDP’s North Karelia district organisation, had to say about the dizzy former FM’s suggestion (and yes, he was at least half serious with it):

“It seems that Erkki Tuomioja has no idea that Finland is bigger than the Helsinki region. Only a man who has been driven around in the back seat of an official car much of his life can think like that.”

It appears that the man who is aspiring for full control of the SDP party, has once again stuck his foot in his mouth. Tuomioja is just another one of those Marxist fat cats, who can think of nothing better than to load up the little guy with the bulk of their hair brained schemes, knowing fully well they won’t be subject to them. Or at least that’s how Ol’ Scruffy comes across. More here. *L* KGS

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