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Danish PM: Wearing The Hijab in Parliament is Fine by me……!

Danish PM Rasmussen shows either his ignorance over the political significance of the hijab, or his is just trying to make “nicey nicey” with the Islamic world. Rassmussen: “You see, I’m not anti-Islam, I think the hijab is a wonderful garment that is suitable for western political figures to wear inside the house of parliament!”
The significance of the Islamic scarf is not lost on the Islamists, as well as to the modernist Muslims who want no part of political Islam. Lifting the profile for the Islamic scarf is high on the agenda list for the Islamists, and sadly willful western political stooges are more then willing to give it to them.
Politicians should be evaluated by their views, not their clothes, according to the prime minister. As parliament’s governing body prepares to discuss setting a dress code for members of parliament, PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen announced on Tuesday that he has no personal opposition to female Muslim politicians wearing headscarves while on the rostrum.
‘The dress code isn’t something that the prime minister should get involved with, but personally I believe that people’s views are more important than their dress,’ Rasmussen said during his weekly press conference.
Parliament’s dress code is being taken up at the request of the Red-Green Alliance. One of that party’s elected alternate MPs, Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, will likely become the first female Muslim who wears a headscarf to sit in the assembly later this year.
It’s not just a religious scarf, there is just way too much political baggage attached to the hijab for it to be considered in such a nonchalant way. Shame on Rassmussen for caving to the Islamic world at a time when our western politicians should be showing more backbone. More here *L* KGS
UPDATE: 28/02/08 – 17:08 The Danish Red-Green Alliance’s parliamentary candidate from last year, Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, says she’s taking some time off due to the brouhaha over her wanting to wear the hijab while speaking to parliament if she ever gets elected.
What the Tundra Tabloids finds interesting, is Abdol-Hamid being: “troubled by comments from Socialist People’s Party leader Villy Søvndal telling members of radical Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahrir they could ‘go to hell’.”
Why would a Muslim seeking public office in a western country be upset by another politician’s disgust with an Islamist organization that seeks to put all states under Islamic law? Not only was Villy Søvndal correct in telling the Islamist Hizb ut-Tahrir to go to hell, he would be correct to tell anyone who supports the Hizb ut-Tahrir,… to go to hell. More here.

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