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Media Buffoons: The AP Labels Al-Qaida Terrorists as Militants And the IHT Agrees…….

Two Belgian women were murdered in cold blood last Friday, during an attack on a convoy of tourists that were visiting a remote section of a desert mountain valley in Yemen. Others were wounded during the terrorist attack, which involved a gang of four men firing their machine guns directly into the cars of the hapless tourists.
Suspected al-Qaida militants opened fire on a convoy of tourists in a remote desert mountain valley Friday, killing two Belgian women and their Yemeni driver. The shooting is the second recent militant attack on foreign tourists in Yemen, the ancestral homeland of Osama bin Laden. The two slain women were traveling in a tourist convoy of at least four vehicles through an ancient ruin-filled desert valley called Wadi Daw’an in Yemen’s eastern Hadramut region when the gunmen attacked, a security official said.”
Militants? Excuse me, but since when did al-Qaida members, suspected or otherwise, become…militants? A premeditated, murderous assault on a bunch of tourists is not the handiwork of militants, but of terrorists. Here is once again, indisputable proof of bias by the wire services that feed our local news media, this time the International Herald Tribune. How dare they misuse language in such a way, and think that they can get away with it.
People who are concerned about the way the news media reports the news, should pick up the phone or write an email to the editor in charge, and demand corrections when they come across glaring mistakes such as this. If we have a faulty media (which we do), in part, it’s due to a lazy public that doesn’t care to voice their concerns and observations. Don’t sell yourself short, we do have an impact when we contact the media. More here. *L* KGS

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  1. OK. I’ve done it, but I suspect my complaint will be filed in the waste basket by the IHT.

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