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Hamas Threatens Breach of Border Fence With Israel…….

In an earlier post last month, I had warned that Hamas -after the first mass crossing into Egypt- was setting its sights on the Gaza border with Israel. If the recent J’lem Post report proves to be correct, then another farcical and dangerous run of the border -this time with Israel- could be attempted, at least the Israelis are preparing for the worst case scenario.

“In preparation for a large-scaled Palestinian protest march planned for Gaza on Monday, security forces mobilized along the security fence Sunday night in an effort to head off a replay of last month’s Rafah border-storming at the Erez or Kissufim crossings. An artillery battery was moved to the Gaza border for the first time in months, and rules of engagement were reviewed as troops prepared for the demonstration Hamas is calling a “human chain.” A joint statement issued by the Foreign and Defense ministries blamed Hamas for fanning the flames and endangering Gazan civilians.
“Hamas, not for the first time, is orchestrating a premeditated effort to put civilians on the front line. Israel does not get involved in demonstrations that occur within the Gaza Strip, but Israel will defend itself and prevent incursions into its sovereign territory. Israel is working to prevent an escalation, but has made it absolutely clear that if there is an escalation, the responsibility will be entirely on Hamas’s shoulders,” the statement read.
The Israelis have every right to be wary of what the Hamas might try next, for the Islamists, in spite of being lauded for their “social welfare” network, care very little for the physical well being of their people. This is something that has been proven time and again, becoming a hallmark of their “modus operandi”.
The Hamas’ propaganda ploy, which involves making a human link along the entire border, or at least along most of it, might be all that they’re trying to achieve. But what would be the international response if Israel does indeed take the next logical step in trying to keep the Palestinians from crossing into Israel?
The highly possible scene of Israelis shooting at the legs of people rushing over the border fence, could be just what the Hamas gangsters are hoping for. Such a scenario would cause an outpouring of commendation on Israel, with an immediate call for the end of the blockade against the Islamist run enclave.
At this point, anything is possible, but Israel must ensure that what happened at the Egyptian border, isn’t repeated along its own border with Hamastan, the stakes are just way too high. *L* KGS
UPDATE: 21:00 A resounding flop!

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