Hamas Palestinian Child Abuse Terror Rabbit

Hamas Terror Rabbit Threatens Danes With Murder…….

Assud the “Terror Rabbit” is back in the news, with his latest call for the boycotting of goods from Denmark. And just for the extra thrill, why not kill them instead!
Saraa: “How did these Danes have the audacity to affront the Messenger of Allah? Do you have an answer to that, Assud?
Assud: “No, I don’t. Maybe because the Arabs and Muslims keep silent, [the Danes] humiliated them and did these things to them.”
“Allah Willing, the Soldiers of ‘The Pioneers of Tomorrow’ Will Redeem the Prophet Muhammad with All That They Possess – Even with Their Blood”…”We Will Kill Them“.
Has the terrorist rabbit gone mad, crazy or insane? Why no, he’s just acting out what is considered normal in that neck of the woods! The teaching of murder and mayhem to little tots is considered to be a public duty for the Palestinians, with every child having the Allah given right to be brainwashed into jihad!

What passes for normal in the Palestinian areas would be treated as child abuse in the West, but alas, there are those who just can’t wait to flood the PA and Hamastan with more European funding. One would think that responsible westerners would demand and end to incitement to murder, especially through the brainwashing of children, before even pondering whether resuming aid would be an option. These people are real sick! I mean, just take another look at terror rabbit! More here. *L* KGS

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