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Muslim Honour-related Violence Increases in Finland…….

The Helsingin Sanomat reports that honour-related violence is on the upswing in Finland.


“Young immigrant women who have lived in Finland for a number of years, are most likely to face conflicts between norms of Finnish society and their own culture. Women like these are the ones that most frequently contact Monika – Naiset liitto, a multicultural organisation set up ten years ago to help immigrant women and children who face domestic violence, says Reet Nurmi, the organisation’s executive director.”


It is more likely that the reports of Muslim male violence towards women -up until now- has been under-estimated over the years, due to a reluctance to describe the events as they actually are. The same report mentions that even honour-killings in Finland have been swept under the rug, with the murders of these hapless women not being labeled as victims of honour-related violence.


Perhaps the lack of information about the phenomenon is a direct result from either ignorance by Finnish police authorities or from an institutionalized political correctness. Either way, it has placed a lot of Muslim women –who are garuanteed the same protection by Finnish law– at the mercy of their violent male relatives.


“Honour killings have taken place in Finland, Nurmi says. “Naturally, they do not go directly into the knowledge of the media, both women have told about them.”


Now here comes the spin cycle followed by a clean rinse:


However, Kari Tolvanen of the violent crimes unit of the Helsinki Police denies that honour killings had taken place in Helsinki. He adds that all suspicious cases have been “thoroughly” investigated. “Some acts of violence linked with honour have been uncovered. For instance, we have worked with social welfare officials to hide a potential victim, a girl, from her own family.” Tolvanen says that it is difficult to approach the cases, because immigrant communities are often very closed.


So the Finnish detective at first denies that honour-killings have occured, meaning that Reet Nurmi has it all wrong, and then admits honour-related violence has indeed occured, but also that the cases are difficult to “flesh out” due to the reluctance of immigrant Muslim communities to speak with the authorities. “They are often closed“.


So there are multiple reasons why these crimes fall under the radar screen. One is due to the reluctance or ignorance of the police to charge it as such, the other is media’s unwillingness -up until now- to report the crimes in the proper context. So if the tree falls in a secluded forest it doesn’t make a sound, right? More here


NOTE: Jihad Watch took note of how deeply entrenched the idea of beating one’s wife really is in the Islamic world. There are even Islamic rulings over where a Muslim can slam his wife around.


Mufti of Egypt: Wife-Beating Is Permitted by Islam in Muslim Countries, but Is Forbidden in the West


DW: Forbidden now, that is — until Muslims are in sufficient numbers to change that. You may recall also that Ali Gomaa was recently the subject of a puff piece in the Chicago Tribune.


“Mufti of Egypt Sheik Ali Gum’a: Wife-Beating Is Permitted by Islam in Muslim Countries, but Is Forbidden in the West,” from MEMRITV, with thanks to Spires:


Following are excerpts from an interview with the Mufti of Egypt Dr. Ali Gum’a, which aired on Al-Risala TV on May 26, 2006:


Ali Gum’a: Wife-beating is associated with the cultural status of women in the different societies. Women in some cultures are not averse to beatings. They consider it as an expression of masculinity, and as a kind of control, which she herself desires. In other societies, it is the exact opposite. We must follow reason. When we aredealing with certain societies…
I got a question from Canada. The man said: “Here, it is a crime to beat a wife, even with a toothbrush. Is this prohibition acceptable in Islam? Yes. Islam accepts that the beating of Canadian wives, in this culture and ambience… From childhood they are taught that beating women is a type of barbarism, savagery, and so on. There is nothing wrong with taking this into consideration, and adapting to society, because Islam did not command us to be aggressive towards women….
But when Allah permitted wife-beating, He permitted it to the other side of culture, which considers it as one of the means to preserve the family, and as one of the means to preserve stability.

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  1. Tolvanen is not denying honor murders have occurred in Finland, he’s talking only about Helsinki.

  2. Hi Esther, it’s one in the same, the overwhelming majority of immigrant Muslims reside in that area.

  3. I disagree. Nurmi claims that honour killings have occured, and Tolvanen says no.

    The local Finnish understanding is that when speaking about Muslim’s in Finland, you are speaking about the Helsinki area, in much the same way as Jews living in Finland. The latter lives predominately in the Helsinki area as well.

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