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Danish MP Villy Søvndal to Hizb ut-Tahrir: ‘Go to Hell’……!

Now here is a leftist politician that gets it. Villy Søvndal, leader of the Socialist People’s Party tells it like it is, responding to a demonstration held by the Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir in Denmark last Friday, the socialist leader stated on his blog that:
“the group was to ‘seek other pastures’ and that their ‘undertakings had no perspective, nor future, in Denmark’.”
Now if only other European socialists and politicians across the political spectrum, were to get on board and confront the Islamists with the same line of reasoning, we would see a dramatic shift away from the moronic political correctness that currently blankets the political atmosphere in Europe.
Søvndal also adds: “‘If they want to live in a religious dictatorship so badly, they can go to those countries in the Middle East where such dictatorships exist.”
Right again, and how refreshing!
About a proposed banning of the group: ‘Instead of turning them into martyrs with a ban, they must be put in the spotlight. It would expose their completely ridiculous views”
Instead of practicing selfcensorship and fawning gross tolerance towards the intolerant, we should be actively engaging these religious fascists in open, public debate. The more we dare to draw the public’s attention to the lunacy of Islamism, and unfettered immigration for people who come from a part of the world that traditionally resists modern thinking and modern living,…the better.
Villy Søvndal then levels his disgust at Birthe Rønn Hornbech, Denmark’s integration minister, for meeting with Kassem Ahmad, [spokesperson for the Islamic Society in Denmark] behind closed doors. Ahmad had participated in the march, being seen walking alongside Fadi Abdullatif, leader of the Hizb ut-Tahrir in Denmark:
‘It is strange that religious representatives should be given preferential treatment in a secular democracy. If the minister wanted to speak with ethnic minorities, she could have spoken with members of city council who were democratically elected.’
This shows that some Leftists actually do understand what’s at stake, and that Islamism has no place within the democracies of Europe. Only when the Left becomes more engaged with the dangers Islamism poses for western societies, can any headway be made. This is all very good news. Once again Denmark shows the rest of Europe the mess it has gotten itself into, and most importantly…the way out. More here. *L* KGS

H/T EuropeNews.

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