Tanning Center Bombed in Copenhagen……!

BOMBING IN COPENHAGEN! A tanning centre in the Østerbro district was bombed at 11 o’clock this morning (20.02.08) causing extensive damage but no one was reported injured, reports DR public broadcaster.

To early of course to say whether the bombing was done in relation to the Danish media’s publishing last week, of Kurt Westergaard’s cartoon of Mohamed with a bomb in his turban. The police somehow believe that it wasn’t an act of terrorism.

“Police do not suspect the explosion to be an act of terrorism.”

Why a tanning salon was targeted is anyone’s guess, but if intitial eye witness reports can be any kind of indicator of who were involved, it doesn’t look to be the handywork of Bhuddists.

“According to a police statement, the suspects are both men of foreign backgrounds, one of them being tall and thin with shortly cropped dark hair between 15 and 20 years of age and the other being of sturdier build, wearing a dark-grey jumper and dark trousers between 20 and 25 years old.”

Do the math youself and draw your own conclusions. It might turn out to be “disgruntled youths” with a grudge for being charged to much for a tan, or it might just be that members from the so called religion of peace,…. were up to their old tricks again. More here. *L* KGS

UPDATE: 12:32 Pikkupoika reports that another tanning salon has been attacked! I don’t have the Danish translated as of yet, but here is the link to the article. The Jyllands-Posten has it here also.

Update: 17:28 The burning of second tanning salon might be the work of copycats, inspired by yesterday’s blast.

Note: Esther from Islam in Europe notifies the Tundra Tabloids that: “it has to do with gang rivalries – immigrant vs. ethnic. According to police sources in one paper, there’s been rivalry over that center for quite a while.”

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