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Iranian Labels Israel Cancerous, The Jewish State Complains…….

Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander, General Mohammad Ali Jaafari likened Israel to a cancerous growth, and alluded to its eventual destruction by radiation.

“In a letter of condolence following last week’s assassination of Hizbullah terror chief Imad Mughniyeh, Jafari said: “I am convinced that with every passing day Hizbullah’s might is increasing and in the near future, we will witness the disappearance of this cancerous growth Israel by means of the Hizbullah fighters’ radiation [therapy].”

The Hezbollah-Iranian nexus couldn’t be anymore apparent, and with the Hezbollah’s introduction of the use of drones into the theatre in its protracted war against Israel, the threat of its using nuclear weapons –provided by Iran– grows more real with each days passing.

Israel has complained to the UN Security Council concerning the general’s remarks, but what that will achieve –other than putting it into the public record– is anyone’s guess. Iran remains a ticking time bomb for Israel and the region. If the Palestinians had any brains, they would realize that Iran, in order to acheive its true aim of wiping Israel from the face of map, is prepared to wipe them off the map as well.

While UNIFIL issues written statements of condemnation against Israel for violating Lebanese air space, the UN run contigent seems ready to implode, with Spain showing signs of wanting to bug out from its responsibilty after being repeatedly attacked by Hezbollah terrorists. Where’s all the Spanish Lefty anti-war protestors now, chanting “we are all Hezbollah”?

This whole situation stinks, and the international community was forwarned about what would happen if UNSCR 1701 became just another cease fire resolution. Thanks to the Finnish FM Erkki Tuomioja, and the rest of the Europeans who refused to give a real mandate with teeth to the supposedly new and improved UNIFIL forces in S.Lebanon, the situation has remained the same.

The Iranians continue to feed weapons to Hezbollah through that weigh station called Syria, Israel’s soldiers that were kidnapped at the beginning of the hostilities in 2006 that Lebanon started, are now, most likely to be dead, and Iran continues to threaten Israel. If only the UN Security Council had listened to (then) US ambassdor, John Bolton, the present situation wouldn’t resemble the enormous farse that it is. More here. *L* KGS

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