Humour Saudi Arabia

British Law To Be Introduced In Saudi Arabia…….

You found out about it first at the Tundra Tabloids! Saudi Arabia has decided that its cruel judicial system based on Islamic law (sharia), should be scrapped and replaced with British law.

The Saudi ruling elite have now deemed the Whabbists’ literal interpretation of the Qur’an counterproductive, with cross amputations, beheadings along with whippings and stonings to be crippling Saudi society, not helping it.

The Spoof reports:

A [Saudi] government spokesman, who wished to remain nameless, said:”It’s inevitable. Our police and judicial systems are at the forefront of world justice. It’s only natural that other countries would want to follow our lead.”

Hats off,…or turbans off (and wigs on) to the Saudis for finally seeing the light! Now if only they could convince the Archbishop of Canterbury and the rest of dhimmified Europe, that they had it right the first time around!

Read it all here! *L* KGS

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