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UN Clueless in Its Condemnation of Qassam Attacks…….

The UN proves time and again that it is not up to the intellectual challenge to speak on anything related to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. After listening to Israel’s Senior legal Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Daniel Taub, speak for over an hour in Helsinki, the Tundra Tabloids understands more about international law and the meaning of word indiscriminate then the hacks at the UN.

Here is a prime example of what I mean, read what John Holmes, the U.N. undersecretary general for humanitarian affairs, told The Associated Press during a visit to S’derot.

“We condemn absolutely the firing of these rockets. There’s no justification for it. They are indiscriminate, there’s no military target,”

It’s great that the UN rep condemned the attack on S’derot, but the man is completely ignorant of the meaning of the word “indiscriminate”. The attacks on S’derot or on any other Israeli population centers are not indiscriminate attacks. In the legal sense of the word, indiscriminate means that you are aiming at a legitimate target and you don’t care whether civilians in the vicinity get injured.

The firing of rockets –that by the way, have no military value whatsoever– at Israeli civilian centers with the hope that it hits somebody, is indeed discriminate fire. They are intentionally aiming their rockets at civilians, nothing could be more discriminate, and it reflects a perverse morality that is common amongst Palestinian terrorists. Please take note that even the great blogger Charles Johnson failed to understand what indiscriminate fire means. You see, even he can learn from us smaller blogs.

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