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World’s Oldest Woman Found in Israel…….

It became known by accident that Israeli, Mariam Amash, from the northern Arab town of Jisr az-Zarqa happens to be the world’s oldest person. The grand lady is supposedly 120 years old.

“According to Mrs Amash, she was born 120 years ago – a claim, if confirmed, that would make her the oldest person in the world.
The Guinness Book of Records currently lists 114-year-old Edna Parker of Shelbyville, Indiana, as holding the title.


The Israeli authorities say they issued the identity card based on a birth document issued by the Turkish authorities who ruled the region at the time. Mrs Amash, of Bedouin descent, says that the secret to her longevity is a healthy diet – she eats lots of vegetables.

Well the Tundra Tabloids hopes Amash’s family submits her paperwork to the Guinness Book of Records, she most certainly deserves some recognition for her extraordinary long life. More here. *L* KGS

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