Finnish media Finnish Mohamed Cartoon

Helsingin Sanomat Publishes a Mohamed Cartoon…….

Sort of.

But the chicken hearted decision to run a picture of a picture, was indeed, a very big move for the Finnish newspaper, which has showed a reluctance in the past to inform its readership, as well as stand in solidarity with the Jyllands-Posten, and publish the dreaded pictures of Mohamed.

The shame must have been overwhelming for the HS –or at least I would hope that were the case– over its editor in chief, Janne Virkkunen, casting the Jyllands-Posten as the disseminator of bad journalism for its original publishing of the cartoons. Apparently J.Virkkunen was not able to understand at the time the reasons why the JP decided to publish the pictures of Mo. So this time around, they kind of got it right, but it still shows a timidity that is mainstream with the majority of the Finnish news media.

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  1. I think someone ought to make a humorous movie out of Muhammed – in fact, many such movies!. Similar, say, to Life of Brian”. Now that would be a necessary, althogh very dangerous, move. But think about it: how many humorous movies have been made, where Christianity, Buddhism, et al, have been treated humorously? Some jews were disappointed with Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, yet Gibson haven’t, to my knolwdge, received death threats nor he needs to protect himself from the “murderous jews”. But Muslims, they are a very different breed!

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