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Ehud Olmert: Iran Seeking Nuclear Weapons…….

How much longer is this intolerable situation going to be handled in the most inept way possible? Only the worst of cynics would believe that the alarm being sounded by Israel’s PM about Iran’s intention to build a nuclear weapons aresenol, to be one of fear mongering.

Olmert:Tell me, why does Iran need enriched uranium at a time when they are supplied by (the) Russians the nuclear fuel for the civilian projects? … What else do they plan for which they need the most sophisticated ballistic missiles?”

But wait, we have the word of Mohamed Baradei, that all is well! The Nobel “peace prize” winning director of the UN’s nuclear watch dog organization, IAEA says Iran is years away from acquiring his nuke weapons arsenol, so no need to worry. Besides, says Baradei:

Iran has security issues as well, and that should be taken into consideration“.

Fine and dandy, but all of this has to be placed into a proper context when considering what the Iranian sleeze monkey has been stating in front of roaring audiences who are chanting death to Israel. People at the Simon Wiesenthal Center have been carefully documenting everything Ahmadinejad has been saying, and they’re not amused.

The clock is indeed ticking. More here. *L* KGS

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