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Back to The Turin Book Fair…….

It wasn’t supposed to be political, really! But when you mix a cadre of European hard Leftists in with their co-religionists from Arab states, then add the state of Israel, the result will most certainly be one of political ankle biting and bigotry. The Tundra Tabloids reminds its readers what all the ruckus over this year’s Turin book fair is about.

It involves the inclusion of Israeli literature and Israel as the guest of honour, and it wasn’t supposed to get political…really! But the Lefties and the Arabs are not having it. For them, it has to be political, because their racism demands it. So instead of boycott, which the book fair’s organizers say is completely off the table, the Lefty-Arab nexus is now demanding the inclusion of Palestinian literature to counter-balance the Israeli presence.

Never mind the fact that if there was something worth introducing from the Palestinians, the book fair hadn’t received word of it beforehand. Most likely they weren’t interested in the book fair thing themselves. But I’m sure they will find something that speaks ill of Israel, even if its an old dusted off book from the late Edward Said. More here. *L* KGS

H/T Baron Bodissey

NOTE: The Tundra Tabloids recommends that its readers stop by at Pamela’s Atlas Shrugs, and view her post on Ibn Warraq, who completely deconstructs the late Edward Said’s thesis on Orientalism. Warraq and others have thoroughly proved Said to be nothing more than a propagandist and a pseudo scholar.

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