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News Shaker: ‘Israel Allowed Self-Defense’…….

Gee how nice is that? What other country needs such assurances from western statesmen?

BERLINGermany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel said Tuesday that her country would support an Israeli operation in Gaza, in view of the ongoing Qassam fire.

Of course it’s welcome news that Germany realizes Israel’s plight, but it’s also bizarre that Merkel, or any other statesman would have to speak about the obvious.

Israel is always held to a higher standard than any other nation, and for that reason alone, such assurances given by Merkel –though given to show support– reflects the world’s biases against the Jewish state of Israel. More here. *L* KGS

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  1. C’mon, if Merkel would have been silent, you would have condemned her for not “showing support to Israel”. It is good that European leaders repeat “the obvious” aloud, because it also sends defiant message to Islamists. Jews should show some support in return for Europeans as well.

  2. I do understand your frustration Marcus, but just imagine how frustrating it is for Israel to have to enlicit support for its own self defence, which every other state deems (for itself) to be self evident.

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