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Israeli-Jewish Workers Distribute Aid to Sudanese Refugees…….

The Tundra Tabloids salutes the good works of the HIAS/IsraAID program. At a time when both Jews and the Jewish state are being vilified are around the world by Islamist extremists and other kinds of Fascists, Jews continue to try and influence the lives of the less fortunate through medical aid and good works.

Gideon Aronoff, president and CEO of HIAS:One of the finest ways that we and the numerous Jewish organizations and individuals around the world who have supported and collaborated with us in this work can honor the memories of the Jews who perished during the Holocaust is to remember their suffering and struggle to care for today’s victims of genocide, terror and persecution like the Darfuris we have the honor to serve in Chad.”

Remember, these are Jews who are working in areas that are not friendly to either Jews or Israel, yet they place the lives of others ahead of their own to advance the welfare of the less fortunate. Though anti-Semites will continue smear Jews as ” the poisoners of international wells”, Jewish/Israeli philanthropy around the world proves such rhetoric to be blatantly false.

If only the Arabs/Muslims would wake up and see the productive benefits that both Jews and Israel could provide their region of the world, that they are not the enemy as anti-Semitic propaganda portrays, the Middle East would then begin to experience a more pleasant reality.

At least this is the hope of the Tundra Tabloids. More here. *L* KGS

NOTE: The above report should be contrasted against what Islamists do to their own people:

Jordan says Hamas seizes aid covoy sent to Gaza

AMMAN, Feb 9 (Reuters) – Jordan said on Saturday the Islamist Palestinian group Hamas has confiscated a convoy of humanitarian aid sent to people living under an Israeli blockade in the Gaza Strip.Minister of State for Information Affairs Nasser Joudeh told the state news agency Petra that Hamas members on Thursday seized 16 trucks carrying emergency supplies into Gaza and diverted the cargo to a warehouse run by the Islamist group.


“We are surprised it should be confiscated and distributed in a manner based on political considerations…this only penalises those who really deserve this aid,” Joudeh said.

One group keeps on giving while the other keeps on taking. The reality and contrast couldn’t be more stark. *L* KGS

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