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Turkish PM to Turks in Germany: Resist Assimilation……!

They do mean what they say. I wonder how Finland’s Olli Rehn, EU European Commissioner for Enlargement will try to spin the recent statements of Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan? Speaking to a crowd of 16,000 expatriate Turks in Germany, the Islamist Turkish PM stated that: “Assimilation is a crime against humanity.”

So the Muslim Islamist leader is telling Europe that it dare not try to assimilate its Muslim immigrants (this time Turks) into European culture. The message is clear, Turks –where ever they may reside in Europe– are to consider themselves Muslim and Turks first. Erdogan:

“I can well understand that you are against assimilation,” he said. “It is important to learn German, but your Turkish language should not be neglected.”

In other words, he’s saying that it’s important for Turks to speak the German language because they have to, in order to work and live within the German state. It’s one of these unfortunate realities that they have to deal with. But the other message he’s implying, is that their Islamic identity, which matters more than being a Turk, should be of more importance than being a German citizen. That message, more than anything else was not lost on the crowd, it couldn’t be any more clear:

Outside, bearded members of the audience spoke politely to an elderly woman protester, Vera Villinger, who wore a scarf in German colours and claimed Islam was taking over Germany.

Wake up Europe, before you find one moring that the farm has been sold, lock stock and barrel right from underneath your very own noses. More here. *L* KGS

Note: To anyone dare hinting that the Tundra Tabloids is scare mongering, one needs only to observe what the Islamists are saying out in the open, to prove that they are very serious in promoting Islam over European secular values.

Note: YLE’s morning program (11.02.08) interviewed the Finnish ambassador to Turkey, Maria Serenius, who stated that there has been in the last few years, a noticeable increase in the presence of Islamism in Turkish society. She also added that the symbol of the hijab (scarf) has great importance in Turkey (as well as everywhere in the Islamic world), something that the average Finn fails to comprehend.

I would also add that the majority of the West also fails to understand the hijab’s political significance. That political significance is not lost on those women living in Turkey, who do not want to become a symbol of male dominence, and are rightly upset about the recent lifting of the ban on the scarf for women studying in the universities.

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