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Turkey Ditches Ataturk While Dhimmi Europe Cheers…….

It shouldn’t have ever happened, and the supporters of a secular Turkey are in shock. No, it would be better to describe them as being outraged, that the Turkish parliament voted 403 to 107 in favor for a change in the Turkish constitution, that would permit “hijabs” or headscarves to be worn in public by Muslim women.

The founder of the modern state of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, is turning over in his grave that the Islamists have finally succeeded in scaling back on the secular nature of the Turkish state. You see, Turkey –up until now– was the only modern Muslim state near the Middle East region to whom supporters for reform have looked to, as the example for other Muslim states in the region to follow.

After yesterday’s vote, the specter of Islamism that has for some time now, been casting its long shadow on the wall, has now come fully into the light of day. But what’s all the fuss about a “hijab” you say? The problem about the hijab is that it has attained the status of a “religious symbol”, in much the same way as a Christian cross or a Jewish kipa/jarmulke, but its more of a political symbol than anything else.

The Turks, who are no strangers to Islam, realize the political ramifications of allowing the hijab to be worn in public, sooner or later, if not already, women are going to be forced to wear them. This is something that the West repeatedly (as a whole) shows itself unable to comprehend, that this piece of headcloth symbolizes much more than just religious devotion.

Dr.Patrick Sookhdeo explains the methodology of the Islamists at the recent Counter-Jihad conference that the Tundra Tabloids participated in last year. Dr.Sookhdeo has opines about the direction that Turkey is heading in, and what it means for Europe in the future.

“I think that Turkey is a member of NATO and a very valued member, I can see a place where Turkey in terms of economics and trade can have a relationship with the European Union, but I think for Turkey to become a full member of the European Union would pose real challenges to Europe. The size of the Turkish population by 2020, it could be up to 100 million, that’s a quarter of Europe, would then be an Islamic Muslim position.

The present government is moving away from the secular state, and is moving towards an Islamist state. Europe, if they weakened in terms of its foundations, its Judeo/Christian basis (Pamela: would be so easy to infiltrate), precisely. So I would be uneasy with a fully integrated Turkey into the European Union because I believe that it could pose real difficulties for Europe, for the future, and if, there are those who have suggested that if Europe (means Turkey) enters into the European Union by 2020, Europe could have as much as 45 percent Muslim and begins to pose real difficulties for a country that would be shaped by Islam.

Europeans have been cheerleading the Islamists for some time, all under the guise of “protecting” Turkish democratic institutions, though it all might dangerously backfire in europe’s face as the Turkish state spirals itself further into Islamism and invariably away from the democratic norms Europeans take for granted.

The Tundra Tabloids is not predicting it will happen overnight, but like a frog in pot of cold water put on a very slow boil, Turkey, and yes Europe itself, is putting its own democratic traditions in jeopordy for the sake of appeasing aggressive Islamist demands today. More here. *L* KGS

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  1. Turkey is becoming an Islamist state. This is an ominous development for Greece, Armenia, and Israel, and for minorities in Turkey (which has been very bad for a long time, and will get much worse). Isn’t the direction of history obvious? Islam is a barbaric, oppressive, bloodthirsty ideology that is growing in power and will commit increasing violence and mass murder until it is suppressed once and for all by civilized humanity.

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