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Shin Bet: Israel Prepares For Granting Amnesty to More Palestinian Terrorists…….

Here we go again with more “catch and release” or amnesty of Palestinian terrorists.

In preparation for granting amnesty to additional Palestinian Fatah fugitives, the Israel Security Service announced on Sunday the results of the previous pardons granted to West Bank fugitives, that reveals the majority of those granted amnesty in July last year, abided by the conditions stipulated by Israel and did not resume terror activities.

Three months after the second stage of amnesty granted to former Palestinian fugitives was completed, the Shin Bet said there has been a sharp decrease in terror activities in the West Bank, including fugitives who were not included in the former deal.

Only time will tell whether this latest batch of terrorists set to be given amnesty will resume their activities against Israel. More here *L* KGS

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