FIP Islamism meathead politicians

Not in my Neck of The Woods……!

The Finnish Islamist Party (FIP/ Suomen islamilaisen puolue) intends to field a candidate for local elections in the Central Finnish city of Jyväskylä next Fall. Sauli Ingman will be then stepping up to the plate and running for public office, if the Finnish Islamist Party gets its 5000 signatures.

The Tundra Tabloids wager that the FIP won’t get its 5000 signatures this time around, but if Astrid Thors, Minister of Immigration and European Affairs has her way, the country will be flooded with FIP minded folks, and their registration will be assured. I ask the Tundra Tabloids’ Finnish readers to think about that prospect, and to ask your politicians the next time elections come around, what they intend to do to ensure that scenario never happens. More here. (Finnish only) *L* KGS

Remember folks, these are the kind of people who would vote for the FIP if allowed to do so:

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