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Shabbat Dinner Interrupted by Palestinian Kassam Rocket…….

To all the doubters in the media that continue to describe Kassam rockets as homemade and rarely causing any damage, take a look at this.

The J’lem Post has reported that late Friday, “two Sderot homes suffered direct hits from Kassams, sending six people into shock – four of whom were eating their Shabbat dinner when the rockets struck.”
These rockets by the way, continue to be manufactured with electricity that is being diverted away from the civilian population. The Hamas leadership has given these Kassam machine shops top priority at the expence of hospitals, nurseries, bakeries etc..
The Hamas places of course all blame on Israel, yet it was Israel that vacated the Gaza strip, uprooting thousands of Jews and relocating them elsewhere. All that Israel has received in return are continual attempts at infiltration of Palestinian terrorists into Israel, Kassam rockets and grenades, all the while Israel is expected to supply the terrorists with the ways and the means to continue their attacks. One has to ask, what other nation in existence would do the same? More here. *L* KGS

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