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The Keskisuomalainen Pimps Arab Anti-Semitism…….

Central Finland’s largest news daily, the Keskisuomalainen has taken a turn for the worse in its foreign news section. In yesterday’s paper it published an IPS article that took repeated swings at Israel’s Jewish character, calling into question Israel’s insistence on remaining a Jewish state. The article was filled with hyperbole and nonsensical rhetoric that was so overt in its message, “that a Jewish state is not an option”, that it rendered itself into the realm of propaganda masquerading under the guise of news reporting.

For anyone not familiar with the IPS, it is a “news organization” that offers ready “canned” news stories to the newsprint/internet media, and its Middle East section is interestingly enough, filled to the brim with negative stories about Israel. The English title given to the article in question was

MIDEAST: Alarm Bells Sound Over “Jewish State“, and in Finnish it was changed to this: LÄHI-ITÄ : Arabit kokevat puheen “juutalaisvaltiosta” rasismiksi. The headline translated back into English then became this: Middle East: Arabs Deem Talk of Jewish State as Racism.

Whatever the headline, the brunt of the message was that the Jewish character of the state of Israel was racist and not an option. You call this news reporting? I don’t, I call it blatant anti-Semitism. Since the Arabs have proved themselves unwilling to set up a Palestinian state of their own, these media heads are helping them out, by trying to soften up the public to the idea that a single bi-national state is the only option. It’s anti-Semitic to the core, but they appear willing to propagate it nonetheless. Here are some of the points raised in the article:

-The idea of a ‘state for Jews’ neutralises the right of some five million Palestinian refugees to return to what is now Israel,-

Lets get this straight, according to UNHCR guidelines, that administer all the other refugee crisis’s around the world, there are only 200 000 actual Palestinian refugees remaining, not 5 million. This is nothing more than a call to destroy the Jewish state, something to which the Hamas, Fattah and Hezbollah as well as their patrons in Iran are in full agreement with.

IT IS NOT AN OPTION. Any such talk is anti-Semitic, any newspaper spreading such talk (unchallenged) is by default, guilty of spreading anti-Semitism.

-“The residence and citizenship (of Israel’s Arab population) are not open for discussion,” Arab Knesset member Ghaleb Majadleh was quoted as saying. “Anyone who raises the idea of transferring the Arab population in Israel…is anti-democratic.”

Another baseless charge, the Israeli government has never demanded such a thing. Only in the event of an agreed settlement, Israel would be willing to trade sections of its own territory for areas in the WB that contain substantial numbers of Israeli citizens. Readjusting the ceasefire line between Israel and the WB has always been the goal in reaching a peaceful solution with the Palestinians. Here comes some more taqiyya.

Ahmed Thabet, professor of political science at Cairo University. “The Republican Bush administration represents the neo-conservative movement, which — along with the Israeli right wing — adheres to the racist notion that Israel should be exclusive to Jews,” Thabet told IPS. “But this position conflicts with liberal concepts, like the equality of races and creeds, on which America was founded.

The bullsh*t is so thick here, its hard to stop from laughing and pick myself up off the floor. Who does he think he is? Thabet’s preaching to Israel what it can and cannot be, as well as reminding us all about how America was founded, is full of irony, when one considers …how democratic Egypt is, and its regards for human civil rights and the protection of its minorities. That goes for the rest of the Muslim Middle East as well.

-“Bush and Olmert can use whatever phrases they want,” Mohamed Basyouni, former Egyptian ambassador to Israel and head of the (upper) Shura Council’s committee for Arab affairs, told IPS. “In any case, we reject the term because it negates the Palestinian right of return and suggests the possibility of the expulsion of Israel’s Arab citizens.”

That’s rich, the Palestinians simply do not have a “right of return” to Israel, especially 5 million so called “refugees”. General Assembly resolution 193 is sooooo non-binding it makes such claims laughable on its face. The Arab block within the UN’s GA can pass anything they want but it won’t change a thing, they DO NOT have the right to demand a state to accept people as citizens that won’t be loyal to it. This is all pure, out in the open anti-Semitism for the naked eye to see. They’re not pulling any punches, and that a western newspaper would print such rubbish shows just how far dhimmitude has crept into western thinking. *L* KGS

Al Avai has some well thought out comments on it:

Well. maybe it is good that the subject comes up. We must be unapologetic about the notion of a “Jewish State” — one that offers more human and civil rights to its minorities than they can find in any of the neighboring states. Seems to be ok, though to have an “Arab Republic” of this and an “Islamic Republic” of that, even if those countries have Christian minorities.

The Arabs are repeating the old story: what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine. They wish both a Judenrein Palestine and an Israel where demography will destroy the Jewish character of the State. Of course, with the “right of return” we must be prepared to ask, “for whom?” Grandchildren of residents who themselves have maybe 1-2 generations claim? If you look at the demographics of population growth inside Ottoman lands once the Jews started arriving in large numbers, you’ll notice that it was not solely due to natural increase.

NOTE: I remember that former J’lem Post EIC, Mr.Bret Stephens, had come across a similar situation back in 2004. He wrote an excellent article (original no longer available at JPost) about his encounter with a Dutch journalist, who insisted that “old taboos” needed breaking, and felt free to preach to her Israeli guests about how Israel should think about destroying itself and become a bi-national state.

I had exchanged words with Mr.Stephens shortly after he published the article, and he stated to me that the women in question, the Dutch journalist, was truly out of her element, and beyond reach through common sense and dialogue. In other words a hopeless case. He said he feared that her sentiments represented a larger movement that is becoming more mainstream, and will represent one of Israel’s greater challenges.

I agree, and it needs to be defended against at every turn.

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