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WOW, how crystal clear can you get! Egyptian FM, Ahmed Aboul Gheit stated:

“Anyone who violates Egypt’s borders will get his legs broken”

Now just imagine if an Israeli official were to utter a similar remark, all hell would break loose!

“Egypt’s foreign minister said that no further violations of its borders would be tolerated in the wake of a 12-day breach on its frontier with Gaza and said anyone daring to cross would have their legs broken, the state news agency reported.

The uncharacteristically assertive remarks by Ahmed Aboul Gheit came during a late night interview on state television, in which he criticized both Israel and Hamas for creating the unstable situation on Egypt’s border.

“Anyone who violates Egypt’s borders will get his legs broken,” Aboul Gheit was quoted as saying. He added that Egypt only allowed the Palestinians to cross the border after Hamas blew up the wall because of fears over the humanitarian situation resulting from Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip.

More here. *L* KGS

NOTE of thanks to TINSC for the headline and the heads up!

NOTE: TINSC : “Someone needs to explain to me how the suffering of Gazans is “Israel’s fault” when Egypt is the one blockading Gaza.”

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  1. I like this guy, Aboul Gheit
    Finally someone in Egypt who not only blames Israel for their troubles but condems Hamas for their evil and thoughtless actions.
    Hey what do you expect from a bunch of stupid murdering people who care more about hate than their own people.
    Now the Hamas and those fools who elected them are in the dark where they belong where all evil things are in darkness.
    I wonder how long it will take to finally overthrow those fundementalist creeps. I heard they closed all the after school and sports programs in Gaza.
    The people of GAZA have only themselves to blame for their dire problems.
    When the Gazans care more about their people’s welfare. That is when there can truly be peace.

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