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Palestinians’ Abuse of Israel’s Humanitarian Policy for the Purpose of Terrorist Activity…….

The news media has tumpeted the latest Palestinian terrorist attack in Dimona, as “the first suicide bombing attack in Israel in over a year“. The Tundra Tabloids’ Israeli MFA source, sends the following report about how the Palestinians use Israel’s humanitarian policies for the purpose of carrying out their deadly plans. It also shows that the Palestinians never stop trying, if not for good defencive measures, the number of Israeli dead would be higher.

But first, here’s a link to a video sent by Esther at Islam in Europe, of the brave Israeli police officer shooting the terrorist, thereby saving countless of lives. Now here’s the report that proves the suicide/homicide bombing in Dimona was only one attack in a long string of attempts, and the means by which they try to gain entrance into Israel. They never rest.

Abuse of Israel’s Humanitarian Policy for the Purpose of Terrorist Activity

Israeli Security Agency (ISA) report
January 2008

Smuggling terrorists into Israeli territory using medical documentation

The demilitarized zone in the Gaza Strip, the security inspections and the interdiction activities of the security forces all create significant obstacles for terrorist organizations trying to smuggle terrorists into Israel.

In recent years there has been an increase in attempts by Palestinian terrorist organizations to overcome these obstacles by smuggling terrorists and terror organization members through the existing crossing points into Israel under the pretence of being patients seeking medical treatment. This is an abuse of Israel’s humanitarian policy of rendering medical attention to all who need it.

These attempts have three main features:

  1. Location and recruitment of Palestinians who require genuine medical treatment, some of whom are recruited after receiving an entry permit to Israel and have proved to terrorist organizations that they can enter the State of Israel legally. Others obtain the entry permits with the assistance of terrorist organizations.
  2. Forgery of medical certificates or receiving genuine medical certificates by fraud or bribery. Terrorist organizations use their connections with members of the Palestinian establishment such as doctors and hospital administrative workers, who issue these certificates either under threat by terrorist organizations or in exchange for bribes. They use other methods as well.
  3. Exploitation of visitation permits in Israel issued to relatives of patients hospitalized in Israeli hospitals.

The activity of the security forces to interdict these attempts has prevented many terrorist activities and severe terrorist attacks, including suicide bombings in Israel, deadly shooting at Israelis and placement of lethal explosive charges. In addition, security forces have prevented attempts to smuggle explosive experts from the Gaza Strip under medical pretenses to enhance the capabilities of terrorist organizations in Judea and Samaria and the establishment of new terrorist squads.

In recent years there has been an increase in attempts to smuggle female suicide bombers under the guise of medical reasons, on the assumption that they will be given entry permits more easily and will be able to enter Israel without arousing suspicion.

Prominent examples of using medical certificates for smuggling terrorists into Israel

May ’07 – The arrest of two female suicide bombers at the Erez crossing who received an authentic entry permit into Israel using false medical information. They planned to carry out a double suicide bombing in Tel Aviv and in Netanya.

Fatma Zak, 39, a Gaza resident and pregnant mother of eight, together with her niece Ruda Haviv, 30, also a Gaza resident and mother of four, were apprehended on May 30, 2007 at the Erez crossing. Under questioning by the Israeli Security Agency, they confessed to planning to carry out a double suicide bombing in Tel Aviv and in Netanya under the guidance of the Gaza-based Islamic Jihad. They planned on executing these suicide bombings in a restaurant, a celebration hall or in the vicinity of large numbers of soldiers.

For the purpose of entering Israel, one of the Islamic Jihad members acquired genuine medical certificates based on false medical information allowing Haviv to have a medical examination in a hospital located in Ramallah, accompanied by Zak. Furthermore, the Islamic Jihad operative instructed the two to actually undergo the medical examination at the hospital to authenticate their cover story. After completion of the examination, the two were supposed to inform the Islamic Jihad operatives in the Gaza Strip of their whereabouts and they, in turn, promised them that in a short while an operative would bring them explosive belts and take them to the attack sites.

Some time before the two left for Israel they underwent training on how to use explosive belts and Zak even had training on the use of an AK-47 assault rifle. Zak and Haviv were briefed by their dispatchers on the clothing they should wear on the day of the attack so as not to arouse suspicion as they approached the targets.

September 2006 – The arrest of a member of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) at the Erez crossing who had received an entry permit into Israel on humanitarian grounds. He received the permit due to medical problems and planned to use it to establish terrorist cells in the West Bank.

Jaber Hasan Jaber Darabiye, a Gaza resident born in 1963, confessed under questioning by the Israeli Security Agency that he was recruited in 2006 to the Popular Resistance Committees and was supposed to establish terrorist cells in the West Bank for the purpose of committing terrorist attacks against the State of Israel.

To carry out this plan, the Popular Resistance Committees operatives took advantage of Darabiye’s medical problems to acquire a genuine entry permit for medical treatment in Israel, which would allow him to go to the West Bank and carry out his mission.

To do so, Darabiye applied for documentation attesting to his medical condition so he could receive entry permits for medical treatment in Israel. He was apprehended on arrival at the Erez crossing on September 28, 2006.

The full report can be read here. *L* KGS

NOTE: Esther also adds: “Several years ago there was a similar case in Jerusalem – a terrorist with an explosives belt was caught by police, who struggled with him, trying to remove his explosives belt. He tried detonating his belt, the police shot him in the head. Peace activists call this an execution.” Click here.

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  1. I don’t know if you have see these yet or not, but here are two videos that show how Palestinians take advantage of the Israelis’ good nature.
    1. Using ambulances to transport explosives: A Palestinian “ambulance” driver is questioned at a checkpoint. A robot is used to search the “ambulance” and finds a suicide belt which is safely detonated by Israeli explosives experts.
    2. Israeli doctors were treating a Palestinian woman. She has a strange way of thanking them.
    [And of course both videos also show how Israeli checkpoints save lives].

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