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Finland’s YLE News Continues Its Cozy Relationship With Palestinian Terrorists…….

Putting it bluntly, the Finnish news agency, YLE, continues pimping for the Palestinians. The Tundra Tabloids’ co-contributer, Tundraman, states the following:

YLE prime news only briefly mentioned yesterday – in 2-3 sentences – the “serious suicide bombing” in Israel, saying that one person died and at least 10 were wounded (no mention of how seriously). The group who has taken responsibility was mentioned, but there was NO COMMENT on what Hamas had said about it. In addition, it was added that the bombers are believed to have come from Eypt. And that was it – of course, NO report from Sanna Negus…

Of course Negus had nothing to offer, it would shine a bad light on her favorite pet project. I would be more than happy to bring out the Tundra Tabloids’ flying pig, Ol’ Squeaky, in the event of a solid, well balanced report by Negus, but sadly it sits on the shelf gathering dust. Al Avai also adds:

It reminds me of the old question: Why does a gorilla scratch his nose? The answer: Because he can.The media are totally unembarrassed to tell lies, whether through choice of interviewees, choice of nouns, adjectives, and verbs when there are several options, metaphors used, ignoring events, false attributes of causes, etc., because they can. There is no competition in Finland, no alternative sources in Finnish or Swedish. They are human beings with political views, and they use their power to express them, with the hope that they can shape events themselves.

Ditto. *L* KGS

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