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Whining Hijab ‘Hairdresser’ Raises Claim Damages Against Reluctant Salon Owner…….

The Tundra Tabloids reported earlier about the British hair salon owner, who had been dragged to court by a whining Muslim-in-scarf hairdresser that was refused a position in her business. Well the Islamowhiner has now upped the ante.

Bushra Noah, 19, from Acton, claims Sarah Desrosiers, who runs the Wedge salon in King’s Cross, behaved in a “high-handed, malicious, insulting or oppressive manner” by discussing the case in public. She claims this caused media intrusion in her life, harassment and hate mail, and left her feeling “awkward and embarrassed”. As a result, Ms Noah, who is suing Ms Desrosiers for religious discrimination, has now raised her claim for damages from just over £15,000 to more than £35,000.

Ms Desrosiers, 32, insists she rejected Ms Noah because it is essential that her employees display their hair. The salon owner denies discrimination and says she will vigorously contest the new bid for increased compensation. She said: “I am not responsible for other people sending hate mail. I needed to highlight the case because I needed to find financial help to pay my legal bills.

“My lawyers have warned me that I might have to go personally bankrupt if I lose the case and now there is this attempt to get more money out of me. I think it is just totally wrong.” She said she would have said the same to any person with headwear – whether it was a baseball cap or cowboy hat – and was dismayed that Ms Noah was “dragging her name through the mud” by effectively accusing her of being a racist.

But that’s the kind of game these Islamists are playing, in trying to enforce their version of “It’s a Wonderful Life” on everyone else. First, make a false case against someone simply because you want to see just how far you can get the “infidel” to bend. Secondly, if they don’t bend, then make sure you try to exact huge sums of money from the person, regardless if it drives them into personal bankruptcy.
Even if not successful, the whole court process is enough to scare all the other shop owners into considering the whims of the Islamists the next time they come around seeking employment. But lets be clear, no one is stating that Muslims can’t work in hair salons, but that its up to the owner of the business to decide whether or not a woman covering her hair (for whatever reasons) is right for their line of work and business clientele.
One has to wonder why the woman chose this woman’s hair salon and not any of the others? Perhaps this shop is not as financially well off as the others, so it presented itself as the best possible target to mount a case against, because it could only offer a limited defence? More here. *L* KGS

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