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Respected London Science-Based Institution no Longer Respectable…….

Neither are the rest of the participants scheduled to appear on the discussion panel for an event titled “Israel-Palestine“. One of the invited guest speakers is someone who advocates the intentional murder of civilains.

According to the J’lem post, the rest of the panel includes Robin Kealy, a former UK consul-general in Jerusalem, and Azzam Tamimi, director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought in London.

After hearing that Tamimi was included on the panel, Prof. David Newman, professor of political geography at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, called it quits. I don’t blame him one bit, Tamimi is a vocal supporter of Hamas, and has openly called for the death and destruction of the Jewish state of Israel. What is most distressing is the fact that this firebrand supporter of terrorism was invited in the first place.

Tamimi: ‘Suicide bombing glorious, honorable’

In a BBC interview in 2004, Tamimi said that the act of suicide bombing was “glorious and honorable.” In the same interview, Tamimi boasted that he would himself carry out a suicide bombing in Israel. In 2006, Merrill Lynch pulled its sponsorship from an event at University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies because of Tamimi’s participation.

Last week on Press TV, an Iranian television channel, Tamami said during a discussion with London-based Israeli academic Yossi Mekelberg that “The struggle is for our homeland. See, I don’t give a damn about a Palestinian state – as a Palestinian. My mother was born in Beersheba. My mother has a house in Beersheba. I want to go back to my mother’s house… I don’t give a damn about the future of Israel, and yes – I want to see Israel come to an end.”

Tamami said that he believed Hamas represented his “people’s future.”

The ideology that both Tamimi and Hamas represent, will only lead to further hardship and misery for their people, but that is of little concern to them as the recent Gaza debacle shows. Hamas’ propaganda stunt of cutting the electrical power to its own people, was done in order to set the pretext for the breaching of the Gaza-Egyptian border.

Dr.Newman spells it out clearly with the following:

“I am prepared to discuss, dialogue and debate with academics and scholars and even exchange difficult views and questions with people who hold vastly different views to my own, but given Tamimi’s public declared support of suicide bombers and his volatile statements at various public events, I do not think that this is a person with whom I am prepared to share a platform,”

It’s truly disgusting, that at a time when British society has itself been targeted by suicide terrorism, this British institution allows an for an apologist for terrorism a measure of respectability by including him on a discussion panel. In doing so, this institution only ends disgracing itself as well as tarnishing its own credibility.

Kudos to Dr.David Newman, he acted correctly by distancing himself from such a disgraceful event. More here. *L* KGS

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