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125 000 Turks March Against Creeping Islamism…….

But here’s the fly in the oinment. The dhimmified EU –which has intentionaly blinded itself to the dangers that political Islam poses– demands such reforms in order for Turkey to be considered for future EU membership.

Some 125,000 flag-waving Turks on Saturday denounced the Islamic-rooted government over its plans to lift a decades-old ban on Islamic head scarves in universities – a move the foreign minister said would expand Turkish freedoms.

The government has defended its plan as a reform needed to bring Turkey in line with European Union human rights guidelines, but many including the country’s influential military establishment see the move as a serious threat to the country’s secular traditions.

Foreign Minister Ali Babacan told a news conference on Saturday that the government wanted to expand freedoms to turn Turkey into a “first-class democracy where freedoms in all fields are enjoyed fully”.


The EU is willing to sell the very rope that will be used to hang it, with the Islamists ever ready to comply. The Turkish Islamists will first use the EU’s own requirements as a wedge to further cement their hold on Turkish society. First its the scarf, then it’ll be other Islamist demands, like sharia courts and other wonderful Islamist practices.

The Islamist lead government is using the EU as a chump card, and if it ever attains EU membership, we will begin to see the Islamization of Europe like never before. The scene of Turkish Islamists waving EU liberal, democratic principles before its people, as an excuse to implement an Islamist agenda, is a major warning signal for the rest of us. The irony of it all, is that the EU is cheerleading the Islamists from the side. More here and here. *L* KGS

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