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LGF Takes Another Pot Shot at Gates of Vienna…….

This is getting entirely stupid and vindictave. Charles Johnson once again takes a swipe at Baron Bodissey’s blog, The Gates of Vienna. The only “Definition of Irony” I can see Charles, is Little Green Footballs attacking a fellow anti-jihad blogger for setting down the rules of what is allowed on his blog and what isn’t. Charles Johnson has on many occasions correctly advised his own commentors to steer away from racist comments etc., and even has given the boot to those who refuse to conform to the guidelines.

But what is ironic, is that he now points a finger at the GoV –which takes pride in allowing dissenting views as long as they conform to the GoV’s set of guidelines– to somehow prove a point that he is attracting the wrong the kind of crowd. What a bunch of malarky and hooey. Here is what Neo-Nazi racists look like and how they define themselves Charles. Such riff raff has probably more than once tried to roost at respectable blogs, LGF included, and after they reveal themselves for who they really are, they are correctly shown the door. Hello? Is Charles Johnson there? I have a call on the clue phone for a “LGF”….


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  1. There’s little doubt in my mind that the guy has deep seated preconceptions, prejudices, and hostility towards Europe, its people, and its culture.
    He should get some help with that. The Lord knows there’s plenty of it available out there in California.

    His ‘Be tolerant or we will destroy you’ routine is really getting old.

    Is it really necessary for you to answer to it? People see what’s going on. The incessant demands from activists for denial of the obvious cannot win in the long run. They can be loud and obnoxious in their efforts to suppress honest and open discourse, however. The goal of it is to box you into a very small comfort zone.

    There’s nothing new about this. Seventeen centuries ago, Tertullian noted that ‘The first reaction to truth is hatred’. Don’t be afraid to pursue the truth, wherever it may lead you.

    ‘Conventional wisdom is neither conventional nor wise’

  2. Charles is really stupid if he doesn’t realize the true irony of the situation – Baron Bodissey was just reminding his commenters of the guidelines for commenting. Charles doesn’t even take that consideration – he just bans people for posting dissenting views.

    And it seems to me that Charles and his lizards are the racist ones here – they seem to have a deep loathing for Europeans, judging by what’s gone on for the last couple of months.

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