Egypt Paleostinians Terrorism

Egyptians Arresting Palestinian Terrorists Left & Right…….

Gee, I wonder where they all came from? What you can’t get around you go over. The Egyptians (to their credit) have made a spate of arrests of Palestinians and other Muslim terrorists that were planning on carrying out terrorist attacks on Israel and on Israelis vacationing in Egypt.

ANSAmed) – CAIRO, JANUARY 30 The Egyptian security services arrested five Palestinians wearing explosive belts in the city of Taba, at the border with Israel, Egyptian pro-governmental newspaper Al Ahram reported today. The arrested Palestinians are suspected of planning to carry out suicide attacks in Israel and an investigation in this direction has been launched.”

Then there is today’s happening, in which twelve terrorists were arrested on their way to the Sinai to murder as many Jews as possible.

J’lem Post Feb 1 “Egypt claimed Friday morning that it arrested twelve armed Palestinians on suspicion that they were planning to attack Israeli tourists vacationing in the Sinai, Israel Radio reported. An Egyptian security official said the group was arrested near the Rafah crossing and the Ahmad Hamdi tunnel, leading to Sinai coastal resorts. According to the report, two of the men were Hamas members and two were Islamic Jihad operatives, and all but two of the detainees arrived at Sinai through the Rafah border crossing. The remaining two came to Egypt via Persian Gulf states.”

The breaching of the Gaza border was one of the biggest scams Hamas has ever managed to pull off, and from the looks of it, they have managed to pump into Egypt enough terrorist operatives to keep both the Egyptian and the Israeli border guards busy for months. *L* KGS

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