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Hugo Chavez’s Socialism Reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s…….

They keep trying to perfect it don’t they? No matter how destructive any form of socialism has proven to be throughout history, Socialists of every strain keep trying to prove their failed system as the answer.

Today, Jacob Laksin over at Front Page Mag points out the dangerous parallel between German National Socialism and Hugo Chavez’s dream utopian Socialist state. What they both have in common is their shared desire to put the squeeze on its Jews. Its no wonder, since “Hugo the Red” has openly courted the Iranian sleeze monkey, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, on numerous occasions.

They both share an open disdain for the Jewish state, with the sleeze monkey repeatedly calling for Israel’s total destruction. So it’s safe to assume that since Chavez has never officially condemned the Iranian sleeze monkey for his call for the genocide of Israel, he must be of the same opinion.

Hugo Chavez has long vowed to turn Venezuela into a laboratory for “21st century socialism.” But if the latest bully-boy tactics of the Chavez government are any guide, the better name for his platform might be 21st century National Socialism.

Most telling in this regard are the ruling regime’s rapidly deteriorating relations with Venezuela’s Jewish community. As reported recently in the Jewish Forward, it was only last month that a goon squad of government police swarmed down on the Hebraica Jewish community center in the capital of Caracas. Officially, the police had been searching for signs of “subversive activity,” the term’s definition having been expanded under Chavez’s ten-year reign to include any and all dissent from the government’s growingly authoritarian line. In the event, they found none, leading Venezuelan Jewish leaders to protest, compellingly, that the raid was little more than an act of state-backed intimidation and harassment aimed at the Jewish community.

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  1. Hugo Chavez is one the most brilliant leaders in South america.

    My relative who is a professor in a Mexican university told me just marvellous things how Chavez has improved the life of the poor In Venezuela. He is also democrat and no flaws had been found in elections.

    In my opinion he is a true patriot. Free from the will of Washington.

    Its just the christian right and Israeli right who hates him.

  2. Really? Chavez is on his way to destroying Venezuela and its free market economy. Chavez is just another populist socialist who thinks he can “get it right this time around”. He will end up screwing his state and his people when this utopian “dream” of his collapses.
    Exit polls conducted by the very reliable American firm of Penn, Schoen, and Berland showed Chavez losing by a large margin (59 – 41), Chavez stole the election in the very same way he tried to steal its democracy by working to get himself instituted as its president for life.

    He’s a walking disaster and a thug.

    Chavez hates Jews, aliegns himself with a state leader that openly calls for the destruction of the Jewish state, makes him an anti-Semite. I would be worried about anyone giving him adoration with that kind of track record.

  3. Chavez doesnt hate jews. Do you have quote where he demands to throw jews in the mediterrean?

    It was a devastating blow to far-right propagandists that there really was no real flaws in elections. Independent monitoring didnt find anything that the far-right had allegeded.

    But maybe you know better than a professor who frequently visits the area and lives there.

    Chavez is just what the South Amerca needs to get away from US grip.

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