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Finnish Newspaper Publishes Anti-Semitic OP-ED Plagiarized From Neo-Nazi Website…….

EXCLUSIVE: The Tundra Tabloids was forwarded an email earlier this afternoon, from someone who was worried about an op-ed that was recently published in a Finnish newspaper, the Koillis-Häme-lehti, (26.1.2008) in the city of Jämsä. After doing some detective work, the Tundra Tabloids has discovered that the anti-Semitic op-ed in question (pictured below), was indeed plagiarized.

That makes Urpo Manninen not only an anti-Semite, but also an anti-Semite who can’t even think up his own deluded, racist mumbo jumbo.

The anti-Semitic op-ed was taken almost word for word from this racist website, with only a few words changed, starting from the fourteenth paragraph. The National Alliance is a neo-Nazi website that most certainly hates Jews, and it’s highly outrageous that a newspaper would publish such a thing, let alone a plagiarized one! I’ll only include the last paragraph of the op-ed –that I translated– which deals exclusively with propagating the Rothschild Jewish conspiracy meme.

What Led to The Nazis’ Hatred of the Jews?
Urpo Manninen (actually by Benjamin Freedman, published on a neo-Nazi website)

During the days when Great Britain was deciding whether to accept or reject Germany’s surrender terms, Chaim Weizmann, the leader of the World Zionist Organization, proposed to the British War Cabinet that in consideration of the promise of Palestine to “the Jews of the world” by Great Britain, they would bring the USA into the war as Great Britain’s ally.

The British War Cabinet accepted the arrangement. The Balfour declaration, stating that Britain supported a Jewish claim to Palestine, was the result. So those tricks done by the Jews began the endless hate in Germany, which then Adolf spread with the help of the Nazis, reaching its zenith during the Second World War. The wealthy Jewish Rothschild banking family that is influential in America, has been “enriching itself ” in many wars, and will continue to do so.

Boy what a scandal, great going Koillis-Häme-lehti! Are you guys working on that retraction yet? *L* KGS

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  1. Adorable backround job!

    Well Brunettes Are Fine Man
    And Blondes Are Fun
    But When It Comes To Getting The Dirty Job Done

    I’ll Take A Red Headed Woman
    A Red Headed Woman
    It Takes A Read Headed Woman
    To Get A Dirty Job Done

    (“The Boss”)

    Koillis-Häme rules in the world of fools.

  2. The same has been posted to the discussion forum of Keskisuomalainen by a pseudonym “Pappa”.

  3. Great work! Creeping anti-Jewish sentiment is a real danger, and I do what I can to counter it. Jyllands-Posten had a great editorial about it last August, which I pinned to my fridge. I want anti-Semitism eradicated, for good.

  4. Anti-Semitism is disease which usually ends only after the person have died.

    However, anti-semitism and zionism have long roots together. Some early zionists thought that anti-semitism is almost essential to achieve their goals.

    That all culminates in quote what (very controversial figure)Rudolf Kastner told to Adolf Eichmann in Hungary ’44. “We are mirror images from each other”.

  5. Both ancient and decades old anti-Semitic tropes die hard, as you PLO are poving in your last statement.

    These so called “quotes” only have validity within camps in which such mentality is thought to be normal.

    There of course will be no proof offered of the quote, the paper, the date, the year etc..etc., the quote is expected to be believed just on the say so of the person offering it.

    Please don’t waste my time with such nonsense.

  6. I know that Kastner is a sensitive issue to zionists.

    That is because he was responsible for expelling hundreds of thousands hungarian jews to death camps.

    Here is a link to my writing about Kastner:

    And remember that he was killed by a fellow jew for his crimes so I dont know why you are “glorifying” that bastard.

    He made trade for “souls” with Eichmann in Budapest spring ’44. That is a historical fact. What is it with you right-wing zionists who openly refuse to believe simple historical facts?

    My sources about kastner are based on a book called “Naz gold” and writings of Antony Beevor.

    These Neo-zionists in internet dont themselves ever offer any proof.

  7. Listen up “dust mask goggle boy”, (if anyone even cares to follow his url to his homepage, check out his picture) I am not “glorifying anyone, but it looks to reason thet you are driving an angle for your own purposes.

    If the Israeli government vouched for him, who in the hell are you to try and convict him of being a Nazi? Under trying circumstances a man tried to barter to save Jewish lives, misjudged, but nonetheless tried to do something.

    Not even Wikipedia gives him a bad name:

    The Supreme Court of Israel overturned most of the judgment against Kastner in 1958. The majority decision said:

    During that period Kastner was motivated by the sole motive of saving Hungary’s Jews as a whole, that is, the largest possible number under the circumstances of time and place as he estimated could be saved.
    This motive fitted the moral duty of rescue to which he was subordinated as a leader of the Relief and Rescue Committee in Budapest.
    Influenced by this motive he adopted the method of financial or economic negotiation with the Nazis.
    Kastner’s behavior stands the test of plausibility and reasonableness.
    His behavior during his visit to Cluj (on May 3rd) and afterwards, both its active aspect (the plan of the “prominents”) and its passive aspect (withholding the “Auschwitz news” and lack of encouragement for acts of resistance and escape on a large scale) – is in line with his loyalty to the method which he considered, at all important times, to be the only chance of rescue.
    Therefore one cannot find a moral fault in his behavior, one cannot discover a casual connection between it and the easing of the concentration and deportation, one cannot see it as becoming a collaboration with the Nazis.

    But wait there’s more:

    In this message to his colleagues overseas, Hungarian Zionist Rudolf Kastner outlines the Nazi offer to stop killing Jews in exchange for goods from abroad. This was the infamous “blood for goods” plan that his fellow Zionist Joel Brand conveyed to the Allies.

    The message proves that Kastner tried to save hundreds of thousands of Jews; he did not betray them to the Nazis. The Kastner collaboration myth had inspired a generation of communist antisemitic propagandists who wanted to blame Zionists for the Holocaust.

    Kastner gambled that his negotiations would stop the trains to the death camps. He was catastrophically wrong. But error is not murder and delusion is not collaboration. Translated from German – Webmaster.


    The only reason you seem interested in the case, is not that a man may or may not have tried to save Jews, it’s out of your hatred for Zionists, in trying to prove a fanciful Jews vs. Jews Nazi nexus.

    If you want to know more about Middle Easterners facination with the Nazis, look no furhter than this:

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