Whining Arabs

Israel Guest of Honor in Turin Bookfair Offends Whining Arabs…….

Thanks to the Baron for this one. As the Tundra Tabloids’ good friend TINSC has stated more than once:

” A Jew just has to look cross eyed at an Arab. in order for him to start screaming bloody murder “.

(ANSAmed)-CAIRO, JANUARY 29 – The Arab Writers’ Union (AWU) sent a letter of protest to the union of Italian writers over selecting Israel as a guest of honor in the Turin International Book Fair, to run from May 8-12, President of the union Mohamed Salmawy said as reported by Mena news agency. Egypt was due to take the title this year, but it was postponed to next year.

Italy was last year’s guest of honor in Cairo International Book Fair. The Turin fair administration apparently was not able to find an alternative but Israel, Salmawy said, noting that the country selected as a guest of honor should be notified one year in advance. The union has asked the Italian body to clarify its position towards the Israeli participation in light of the cooperation agreement binding the two bodies, he added.

The Arab’s whining and complaining about Israel is as predictable as a UN general assembly resolution condemning the Jewish state, or the sun coming up the next morning. More here. *L* KGS

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  1. Forget cross-eyed. I still say that all a Jew has to do to enrage an Arab is to exist.

    Put that into your peace pipe and smoke it, Condi.

  2. Well said Baron, it’s a sad state of affairs.

    All one can do is to apply humur, and hope for the best.

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