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EU Maintains Its Dhimmitude by Funneling Even More Money Into The PA…….

The Tundra Tabloids believes that a strict monetary policy towards the PA, is the only way to end the conflict. The EU, as well as the US should not reward the Palestinians’ bad behaviour with financial rewards. No one is advocating that the Palestinian people should be starved, until they see the light, and such a thing should never be permitted.

However, dumping huge sums of money into a hostile entity that refuses to even denounce or take action against incitement of both Israel and Jews in its media, mosques and schools, has already proved to be a massive failure, every time it is tried. *L* KGS

Here is more EU foolishness on display:

ANSAmed) – BRUSSELS, JANUARY 28 – The European Commission will launch next February 1st the PEGASE mechanism, a new instrument to channel EU and international assistance as a contribution to the building of the Palestinian State and as a follow-up to the current Temporary International Mechanism (TIM). Based on the Reform and Development Plan of the Palestinian Authority, it will channel assistance to four key areas: governance, social development, economic and private sector development, and public infrastructure.

Benita Ferrero-Waldner, Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy, invites all Member States to use this new mechanism to channel their contributions: “The European Union is strongly committed to support the Palestinian Authority’s reform and development priorities aiming at boosting the economy and improving the life of all Palestinians”, she said.

PEGASE will channel support for the three-year Palestinian Reform and Development Plan (PRDP) which had been presented by Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad at the Paris Donor Conference last 17 December. It will be implemented in full partnership with the Palestinian authorities. PEGASE which covers EU assistance to West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem will be coordinated locally with EU Member States and other international partners.

H/T Baron Bodissey Gates of Vienna.

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