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Hamas, Egyptians Begin Closing Border After Flooding Gaza With Enough Weapons…….

OK, the headline to the article actually read: “Hamas, Egyptians guards work together to reclose border”, but since this was all planned months ago in advance, the Hamas must have already acheived its goal by now.

Al Avai weighs in: It was almost according to script: shoot a lot of rockets; get an Israeli response, which was threatened earlier; use the resulting “shortages” as an excuse to open the border; get concrete, money, weapons in, terror cells out; make sure the press shows average people with donkeys, fuel cans, food etc. And the world gets to say that Israel cannot respond non-militarily, because it creates a humanitarian crisis, neither militarily, but must negotiate with criminals. As an added benefit, force Egypt to talk to the brothers of the Brotherhood.

That pretty much sums up what happened, and the Finnish media took the Hamas’ bait, hook, line and sinker. Willingly I might add. More here. KGS

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  1. And, as always, even when the events show the actions for which Israel was criticized were totally justified and even praiseworthy, the cumulative effect of the unjustified criticism is significant.

    The last few days are a reminder that Gaza borders on Egypt, so Israel does not and can not control Gaza’s borders, and thus there cannot be a humanitarian crisis without Egypt enabling it.

    But we can be sure Arabs will be complaining for years about how Israel supposedly created this (phony) humanitarian crisis.

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