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Al-Qaida Using Children as Suicide Killers…….

Palestinians are well known for it, they have even used the mentally handicapped as human bombs in trying to kill Israeli citizens. So it really doesn’t come as a surprise that Al-Qaida uses children in their terrorist campaign either.

I liken it to the human offerings to the ancient god Molech, in which the faithful’s firstborn was slowly burned to death in the outstretched arms of the idol, “which was made of metal, hollow and could be heated on the inside.”

A highly disgusting and depraved practice, but none of the methods that the jihadists use to murder and maim should surprise us.

“Al Qaeda is using children as suicide bombers in Iraq, with at least two attacks in the past week committed by 15-year-olds, a US military commander claimed. “We are not sure whether one of these children even knew he was being used to deliver a bomb,” Rear Admiral Gregory Smith said.

One attack was carried out at a funeral ceremony near Tikrit, executed dictator Saddam Hussein’s home town 180 kilometres north of Baghdad and the other was at a school in the northern city of Mosul, Rear Admiral Smith said. He gave no details of the two bombings. Iraqi police said 17 people died in a January 21 suicide blast at the funeral ceremony near Tikrit for relatives of an Iraqi police colonel.

“Al Qaeda in Iraq is trying to brainwash children with hate and death… they seek to create a culture of violence, hate and despair,” he said.

It’s the same kind type of brainwashing the Palestinians employ in their media, mosques and schools. Palestine Media Watch informs the Tundra Tabloids that this video has been running for four months now on Palestinian television.

PMW: The goal of this music video clip is to inculcate loathing of Israel and anticipation of its destruction. The repeated broadcast over recent months by Fatah-controlled television is consistent with other Arabic-language hate messages currently being disseminated — in spite of the peace talks.

PA TV first aired this music video in 2004 and resumed its broadcast in October, 2007. It was broadcast throughout the Annapolis conference as well as during President Bush’s visit to Israel. It continues to be aired on almost a daily basis.

Please be reminded that this is the product of the so called “moderate” Fattah government. Yes that’s right, Mahmoud Abbas, the Holocaust minimizing leader of the Fattah, and president of the P.A. is responsible for the continued brainwashing of his people, especially children, while he talks about “peace”. What a load of rubbish, but the media rarely if ever takes him to task for it, so why should he stop now? More here. *L* KGS

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