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Approval of Terrorism Applauded at Pseudo Debate in Oxford…….

Yesterday, on the eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a farcical debate on whether or not the “State of Israel has a right to exist” was held in Oxford England. To underline the irrelevance of the debate, Leftist loon and self hating Jew, Norman Finkelstien was casted to defend the motion, but –surprise surprise–ended up changing sides, and voted against it.

“The debate was another childish attempt at sensationalism by the Oxford Union,” said Yair Zivan, campaign director of the Union of Jewish Students (UJS). “To have a debate about Israel without a single mainstream voice present shows the debate was the farce we expected. The Oxford Union owes better to its membership to allow for intellectual debate and they should try to seriously engage with issues.”
I could care less whether it passed or not, the debate itself should have never been held in the first place. Who cares what radical anti-Israel/ pro-terrorism activists discuss with each other, especially when they divide themselves and begin to represent two sides of a debate on Israel?
This is the most telling feature to the debate as a whole:
“I was shocked to hear Honderich actually say that, ‘Palestinians have a moral right to terrorism,'” said Olga Belogolova, a Jewish student from Boston University studying at Oxford for the semester. “It was disappointing to see how many people were applauding the obviously radical speakers who were at times dishonest during the debate,” she said. “It was disappointing to see students who agreed with the justification of terrorism and who were not questioning the rhetoric of the speakers.”
Well Olga, I’m not surprised. We have radical Leftist loons here in Finland as well, who would have loved to been standing and applauding the anti-Israel sentiments expressed in that debate. Also, anti-Israel radicals and dishonesty go naturally hand in hand with each other, they bank on fooling people who are totally ignorant of the issues in the Arab/Israeli conflict, and about Israel.
That is their chief modus operandi, their literal marching orders from the ISM and other pro-Palestinian groups that hope to influence an ignorant public. More here. *L* KGS

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