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Palestinian Terrorist Cowards Attack Yeshiva And End up Dead…….

Once again the “catch and release” policy proves to be a dismal failure. An Israeli border policeman is killed by Palestinian terrorists, while two yeshiva instructors were wounded by two more. The quote of the day is by Shaul Goldstein, head of the Gush Etzion Council:

“After speaking with the yeshiva students, he told Ynet, “I told them that I love them and that they should remember that Jews have no fear. When the coward terrorists arrive, we fight them and defeat them.”

A border police officer, Rami Zoari, 20 died from his wounds sustained from a confrontation with two Palestinian terrorists from an unknown offshoot of Fattah, the “Battalions of Struggle and Return”. Forget the claims of “cycle of violence”, these attacks come in repeated waves and unfortunately this time around, the terrorists managed to kill someone.

Israel strikes as terrorists it knows, while the Palestinians strike at any Israeli it knows to be in the vicinity of their planned attacks. A very big difference in strategies, and you would think that the media would have the intelligence and the intellectual honesty to tell the two apart. Most don’t though.

For proof that they don’t, here’s a headline from a YLE news article, “Four Hamas ‘Activists’ Die in Israeli strike“. Does Hamas actually have activists in their ranks, or people dedicated to the murder of Israelis? As many Israelis as possible that is. Lets put it this way. If Palestininian terrorists had weapons of mass destruction, with the possibility of killing every Jew in the area, what sane person reading this blog believes that they wouldn’t use them? More here. *L* KGS

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