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Finnish YLE News Agency Still Misreports The Border Fence Destruction…….

Sanna Negus, YLE’s journalist reporting from the region, refuses to mention exactly when the border fence was actually cut by torch, before being blown up in key places along the Gaza border with Egypt.

In today’s broadcast from YLE1, the highly biased reporting by Sanna Negus was once more on display, as she literally brushed over the fact that the structural integrity of destroyed fence was compromised months ago by Hamas, in preparation for yesterday’s demolition. She just parroted Hamas’ party line. What a stooge.

It’s not like the YLE editors were not informed about the damage done to the fence months ago, I had a chat yesterday with one of its foreign editors, Marjo Ahonen, who was totally surprised that the fence was not only cut with a torch, but that it was done months ago. She promised to “get right on it”, and discuss it with her colleagues.

Well, apparently it was a YLE editorial “no no” to report on exactly what took place, because only the fact that the fence was cut with a torch was reported on. YLE can’t have the Hamas looking bad now can they? For those who understand Finnish, here’s a clip of Sanna Negus’s “news reporting“, which is full of omissions and overt pandering to Palestinian propaganda. *L* KGS

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