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So my initial “gut feeling” over the only source for the LGF story has proved to been correct. No other news agency has come up with anything about the participants in the demonstration, other than the Australian’s report claiming that the BNP was an official participant to the demonstration. I wonder who fed the Australian the bogus news story? I can’t help but emphasize the damage caused by over reacting to a single new report.

Since then, the post by Mr.Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch, about the BNP’s participation in the “Cities against Islamisation” demonstration in Antwerp, has been updated with the following information.

I am told by sources in Europe that the BNP is not part of this anti-Islamization group. The Brussels Journal lists these groups that were actually there:

Yesterday politicians from several Europeans countries convened in Antwerp, the stronghold of the Flemish secessionist Vlaams Belang party, to establish the international organisation “Cities against Islamization” (CaI). Apart from the Vlaams Belang, the following three parties have joined the organisation: the FPÖ (Susanne Winter’s party, Austria), Alsace d’Abord (a regionalist party from Alsace, France) and Pro Köln (Germany).

The BNP’s not being part of this new group, however, does not contradict The Australian’s report that the BNP was at the meeting. If they were there, it would be good for the VB to explain why the BNP was there, and why the BNP didn’t join. It would also be good now for the Vlaams Belang to renounce and distinguish itself clearly from BNP-style racialism, if it indeed hopes to become a broad anti-jihad party. I hope it will do so.

The Baron at GoV has more information about this here, with Fjordman posting at the GoV on the same subject here, with both offering very salient points about the controversy.

That said, I am in full agreement with Robert that the Vlaams Belang should take advantage of the moment, and once and for all, dispel the rumors and uncertainties surrounding their supposed ties with other “well known” racist groups and be done with it. Those of us who have participated in the conference, (yes I was there and Robert can verify the fact that I represented Finland) have all acted in good faith and have clearly stated our views and aims and goals. The VB members present there had also stated clearly their concerns, aims and goals.

I cannot see why they shouldn’t do so again, this time in a public manner which would go a long way in helping to dismiss the concerns of others. Most if not all of the participants to the Counterjihad Conference in Brussels have been very vocal in expressing themselves about the conference, why they were there, and that they (myself included) were convinced that the hosts of the event were on the up and up.

The VB leadership has only to give voice to why they sponsored the event, why they are different from well known racist groups, and that they disagree with their racial platforms. Dewinter has said as much on a personal level in radio interviews, but this apparently has not been enough to sooth any uncertainty. Once again, the main point to Spencer’s post has been that the BNP was a participant to a VB sponsored demonstration in Antwerp, which they weren’t. Dymphna has demonstrated earlier that even the BNP has been going through a major split, with many wanting to divest themselves from a racist platform. That is good news.

I welcome any major shift that involves a political party moving away from its own racial bigotry. Most political parties (that I know of)have involved themselves at one time or another with such destructive policies, it is good news to hear that the BNP is in the process of doing so. But the move is just in its beginnings with much to look out for in the future.

The issue at hand though is the VB, who has proved to those of us on the individual level what they are all about. It now up to them to dispel publically, all the rumors and innuendo about them and their alliances. I look with hope to their doing so in the very near future. My question now is, once they do so, what new hoop will be placed in front of them to jump through?

The Tundra Tabloids offers its best regards to Robert Spencer, –who has been very thoughtful and reasonable throughout this whole brouhaha– to whom we all owe a major debt of thanks.


P.S. It’s high time that LGF’s Charles Johnson drops the highly flammable labeling of the Vlaams Belang as Fascists and Neo-Fascists, and that the European Counterjihad is being duped by them. Using such rhetoric is highly counter productive to all of our efforts, as well as being totally false.

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