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Israel Remains in Finnish Headlines Though 160 Qassams And 70 Mortars Have Been Launched From Gaza…….

Today’s headlines in YLE are:Arab Countries Pressure Israel to End Blockade” and “Israel Strikes Gaza Again“.

There has been no headline mentioning the Palestinian bombardment of Israel. Hmmmmm, one senses outright media bias in favor of their pet cause.

You would think that the Finnish media has been completely ignorant on the increased amount of explosives being hurtled at the Israeli towns closest to Gaza. For the last week S’derot has been pummeled by rockets and mortars, the blog Israellycool has been live blogging it here.

Here is an email a Christian pastor received from someone in S’derot, it gives an eye witness viewpoint on what’s been happening:

how are you? first im sure you heard about the situation in sderot. yesterday 56 kassams today only 40 but the day is not over yet. yesterday morning i was coming to work at almost 8:00 in the morning the moment i enterd to sderot 4 kassams in a few minuts i had no place to hide the alarm screamed over and over again i couldnt move i felt like i couldnt even breath the smell of smoke and the sound is still real like im there once again.

i came home to our kibutz thought to my self a little quit it was 17:00 after half an hour 2 kassams fell and for 3 hours there was no electricity it was dark and very cold i did my best to make the children play with me and maybe have fun but i think they dont believe me any more when i say tjat it will be alright.

we all do our best to continue normal life but what can i say? nothing is normal. today a kassam missed inbar bus to school the parents were histerical and every body talked about the miricale but when i spoke with inbar he dismissed it like it was nothing and i ask you is this normal that a 11 year old boy wont be afraid? or maybe fear is his daily experience so it dosnt count or mean anynthig. i have to say goodbye for now , love you/naomi,

Hat/tip Joy W.

Update: Here is a video to go with the email:

These are real people that have dangerous rockets raining down upon them night and day, and all the media can manage to do is to portray the Palestinians –who are initiating the hostilities– as the victims. Albeit they do manage to mention something about Qassams further down into the story, but that’s not good enough.

YLE mentions here, that Gaza is darkened, but the Israeli MFA has stated that ‘We’re supplying electricity to Gaza under Qassam fire’.

The Israeli Electric Company (IEC) is supplying nearly 70% of electricity to the Gaza Strip despite Palestinians’ claims of a power shortage in Gaza, said Miko Zarfati, the chairman of the workers’ committee at the power company.

“This is Palestinian spin. No one has stopped the supply of electricity to the Strip,” Zarfati told Ynet. He claimed that his employees worked day and night in a power plant in Ashkelon while putting themselves in danger of being hit by Qassam rockets falling in the area.

The Gaza power plant only produces 30% of the electricity consumed in the Strip while Israel supplies the rest.

“It is simply offensive and arrogant for them to claim that there is shortage,” Zarfati said.

An Israeli MFA source sends the Tundra Tabloids the following information about the electricity situation……

In response to media inquiries regarding power outages in Gaza, the Israel Foreign Ministry spokesman stated this evening (20/1/08):

The supply of electricity to Gaza from the Israel and the Egyptian power grids (124 Megawatts and 17 Megawatts respectively) has continued uninterrupted. These 141 Megawatts of power represents about three quarters of Gaza’s electricity needs.

While the fuel supply from Israel into Gaza has indeed been reduced, due to the Hamas rocket attacks, the diversion of this fuel from domestic power generators to other uses is wholly a Hamas decision – apparently taken due to media and propaganda considerations.

Noteworthy is the fact that while the Gaza population remains in the dark, the fuel generating power to the Hamas rocket manufacturing industry continues to flow unabated.

The Hamas claim of humanitarian crisis in Gaza is also greatly exaggerated. There is no shortage of basic foodstuffs, and Gaza patients who need treatment in Israeli hospitals continue to travel into Israel for care.

…. and also about two MDA employees in s’derot treated their grandchildren who were injured bu a Qassam missile.

“In all of his 34 years of working for Magen David Adom, Chaim Ben Schimmel, who works in the MDA Sderot station, never imagined that one day he would have to treat one of the members of his family. But, unfortunately, one of the Kassams fired yesterday, moderately injured his granddaughter Lior, a wonderful 5 year old, who was playing with a neighbour’s son in a room on the upper floor of their house, when a Kassam directly hit it. The two children, who are used to running to the reinforced room as soon as the “Red Colour” alert is sounded, did not manage to escape from the fragments of the Kassam which hit them whilst running for shelter.


Chaim, who has lived in the city of Sderot for the past 56 years, since he came to live in Israel at the age of one year, has experienced tens if not hundreds of Kassam volleys, and in the last seven years alone he has treated tens of Sderot inhabitants, some of whom are his neighbours and friends, and has seen many very difficult scenes. However, all this did not prepare him for the moment, yesterday, when he met up with his beloved granddaughter, covered in blood and white dust and parts of bricks and roof tiles, with fragments of the Kassam sticking out of all parts of her body.

“I began to wash her face, to clean her up to see where she was injured. I bandaged the wounds on her legs and hands and we transferred her on the gurney to the ambulance” says Chaim who transported his granddaughter to Barzilai Hospital and has not left her bedside since. “I just cannot leave her” says Chaim. “She and all the others were saved by a miracle, they got their lives back as a present, the total destruction of the top floor which was completely destroyed, shows the force of the tremendous explosion there.” Lior had tens of X-rays all over her body, eye tests, surgical, orthopedic and ear, nose and throat tests and underwent a series of operations to take out the splinters, and was put in plaster on her hand and leg to mend the breaks.

Chaim tells that he always encourages his wife, his four children and his grandchildren, saying everything will be OK, and as a founder of the city he does not see himself or any of them leaving the place. “As a founder of the city, I have explained to my family and friends that everything will be alright, and we shall continue to live here and carry on with our lives as in the past; I love my work in MDA.”

Get it? These children are used to running for shelter from Qassam rocket fire. How many of the Tundra Tabloids’ Finnish readers have seen the Finnish news report in their headlines and news stories about the continual rain of Qassams from Gaza into Israel?

The Finnish news media is once again slipping up on its responsibilities of ensuring the Finnish public that they are getting all of the facts all of the time. Yes there are a few notable Finnish journalists that I know personally that report the full story, but they remain depressingly a minority amongst their peers.

The Finnish media spends an incredible amount of their foreign news coverage on the Israeli / Palestinian conflict. The Helsingin Sanomat (the capital’s paper) reports on an average (during lulls in the violence) every 1.3 days on either Israel. Palestinians or both. The Keskisuomalainen (central Finland’s main paper) every 1.6 days. Since that is the case, the Finnish media should be reporting on Qassams on a regular basis, but the don’t.

It’s time for the media to stop being taken for useful idiots and refrain themselves from propagating Palestinian propaganda. It really doesn’t help their credibility one bit to be disseminating untrue or partially true stories. *L* KGS

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  1. Its so good that Finnish media is giving us information about the Israeli war crimes.

    The world is fed up with Israel’s illegal occupation, oppression of palestinians and of course the “seeds of hatred” illegal colonies.

  2. PLO leaves behind a statement that shows just how easy it is for apologists for terrorism to comment without expecting to validate anything he or she says.

    The commentor PLO, knows it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to prove anything he or she just wrote, but that’s the game of it all.

    That is what is expected of these apologists for terror.

    They scream “occupation” while Gaza was emptied of Jews, and most (97%) of the WB was handed over to the PA during the Oslo years

    They scream “apartheid” while they demand every single Jew to vacate not on the Jew free area of Gaza, but the WB as well.

    They scream discrimination all the while they intimidate their dhimmi Christian population, that they are driving out of the PA administered areas….in droves.

    They scream poverty, while they dump huge bundles of money and electricity into their weapons industry while people are forced to be in the dark.

    They scream poverty while the Pali “fat cat” elites send their sons and daughters off to foreign schools.

    They just scream scream scream, oh how they know how to scream.

    Try ending incitement of Jews and Christians and Israel, while building a few play parks for children with the extra money freed up from not operating machine shops that pump out Qassam rockets.

    Try accepting the Jewish state of Israel….and maybe, just maybe you might find a sympathetic voice from the Tundra Tabloids.

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