An Apologist For Palestinian Terrorism Pays a Visit…….

In the comment section, an aptly labeled commentor, PLO, states the following:

“Its so good that Finnish media is giving us information about the Israeli war crimes. The world is fed up with Israel’s illegal occupation, oppression of palestinians and of course the “seeds of hatred” illegal colonies.”

PLO leaves behind a statement that shows just how easy it is for apologists for terrorism to comment without expecting to validate anything he or she says. The commentor knows it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to prove anything he or she just wrote, but that’s the game of it all. That is what is expected from these apologists for terror.

They scream “occupation” while Gaza was emptied of Jews, and most (95%) of the WB was to be handed over to the PA during the Oslo years.

They scream “apartheid” while they demand every single Jew to vacate not only (the now Jew free area of) Gaza, but the WB as well.

They scream discrimination all the while they intimidate their dhimmi Christian population, that they are driving out of the PA administered areas….in droves.

They scream poverty, while they dump huge bundles of money and electricity into their weapons industry while people are forced to be in the dark.

They scream injustice while the Pali “fat cat” elites send their sons and daughters off to foreign schools while plundering state funds.

They just scream scream scream, oh how they know how to scream.

Try ending incitement of Jews and Christians and Israel, while building a few play parks for your children with the extra money freed up from not operating machine shops that pump out Qassam rockets.

Try accepting the Jewish state of Israel….and maybe, just maybe you might find a sympathetic voice from the Tundra Tabloids. Just a thought. *L* KGS

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  1. Supporter of freedom fighters pays another visit.

    Israeli casulties from palestinian militant attacks are lowest in years.

    “Last year Israeli security forces killed 373 Palestinians and Palestinians killed 13 Israelis – seven of whom were civilians. That is the lowest number of Israelis killed since the second Palestinian Intifada began in 2000, and slightly lower than the 17 Israeli civilians killed in 2006.”-israelenews

    +++ So there is no valid reason to continue illegal occupation because of terror. In the light of those figures one might wonder/argue who is the terrorist?

    Israel is also multi-ethnic country. Others can think what they want about its ethnicity.

    Nothing was handed over to the palestinians in reality. If you take a look to CIA factbook or UN documents both consider all of the WB as occupied territory. That is also true because Israel holds supreme military authority on every inch of WB or Gaza not PA. IDF can go as they please and PA cant do nothing about it. That cant be considered territory which has been “handed over” to somebody.

    How about Israel trying to abide international law once in a while? There is no anti-semitism demanding to dismantle illegal colonies because they are grave violations of international humanitarian law.

    Altough Israel is a small country itself, the territory that it occupies is still much smaller. Only 22% from Mandate era Palestine. Cant be too much to ask to leave that small area to people who lived there before the vast majority of israelis came. Can it?

  2. Eh…..freedom fighters huh? When polled, the overwhelming number of Palestinians living in areas possibly subject to tranfer to PA control in the event of a peace deal, reject it outright. They know all to well what kind of “freedom” (under Palestinian control) these terrorists are fighting for, and they want no part of it.

    Your statistics prove the benefit of having an anti-terror barrier in place. The security fence has stopped hundreds of attempts, thus saving hundreds of lives. Every time a Palestinian terrorist sets out to murder Jews, it does so with the intent of murdering as many as possible. If statistics could measure intent, the numbers of Israeli dead would be in the tens of thousands.

    Well others can think what they want, but their opinions about Israel’s Jewish nature….amount to squat. It’s entirely none of their business nor yours.

    I know exactly what was and what couldn’t be turned of to the Palestinians due to their insistance of waging a terrorist war while crying for peace. You need not lecture me on the finer points, there is more than enough factual evidence to support my views.

    Your lack of knowledge on even the more simplier points is very telling. Of course Israel can go wherever and whenever it wants throughout the areas in the WB, since it is the high contracting power, and especially since the Palestinians themselves refuse to police their area and work against terrorism. Simple.

    It is solely up to the Palestinians themselves, if they are serious in policing the area under their control, then Israel would never venture in. The same phenomenon can be seen in the Gaza debacle. Try again.

    The UN general assembly, that still acts like it did during the Cold War, can pass resolutions ALL DAY LONG and they still wouldn’t be enforceable. No matter how many of the stupid resolutions they think up passing.

    It is the UNSC resolutions that matters, and Israel is not in vioaltion of a single one. Try again.

    Israel has long since given up on the idea of a “greater Israel”, but the Arab have not. They day Jews in Hebron are as safe as the Arabs in Nazareth Israel, then the conflict is indeed over. Try again

  3. Ordinary people think first of all the wellfare of their family. Of course that is better in Israel because its a rich country and still getting lots of foreign aid especially from US. Still only palestinians who dont want to be transfereded to PA are the ones in Jerusalem who have almost “citizenship”.

    UN resolutions, Vetoed Security council resolutions, Security council resolutions with US absent, ICJ rulings and High contracting parties declaration 2001 in Geneve are all instruments of international law. I know many occupation fans think that if some resolution is not binding or theres no threat of force then its not law. But they can look themselves in the mirror cause their law is the law of guns.

    For example ICJ rulings are not binding at the moment but the principle it made will affect all its future rulings considering OPT areas. So they matter very much.

    I think there is basically two ways how Israel can deal with the palestinians. One or two-state solution. If its two states, only viable palestinian state can be consisted of areas Israel occupied in ’67. All of them including East Jerusalem.

    One state solution is that Israel basically hands out Israeli passports to all palestinians inside the area it controls. I personally believe in that this would be the best solution also to settlers because then they could stay where they are.

    I think that also the moderation of palestinians will come much quicker with solution.

    The biggest “crime” of Israel is to keep palestinians in a state of no citizenship of any country.

    On the other hand the biggest crime of arab states is to keep palestinians in refugee camps decades after decades. They cry “crocodile tears” for the palestinian cause but only value them as a political weapon.

    Jews and arabs got along in Palestine for centuries without bigger problems. It can happen again.

    I myself dont believe in high profile peace iniatations anymore. Like my good friend in Israel, a Peace Now! member, told me that the only actual results lately had come from grass-roots activity. For example she has arranged a joint football team for kids and parents also participate.

    At least she can tell that she has made 20 families friends with ech other. Unfortanately thats maybe more that Olmert or Abu mazen had ever accomplished.

  4. No PLO, the main reason why these Israeli Arabs would choose Israel over a future Pali state, is because they see the chaos that awaits them. They want no part of it. So much for Palestinian nationalism, that 20th century invention from the Russian KGB.

    Since when can a non-binding resolution be read as “law”. Perhaps in the world you reside, but in the real world, international (chapter 7)resolutions passed in the UNSC is what counts. I also notice your reluctance to recognize the obvious that the UN’s General Assembly –where no reolution passed against a state is binding– resembles a meeting of gangsters and thugs, that still maintains its Cold War mindset. They can pass their silly resolutions till they’re all blue in the face, because they can’t be taken seriously. Besides, you only mention only Israel when it comes to UN resolutions, very telling.

    The “two state solution” is indeed the only viable alternative, it’s just too bad the Arabs keep turning it down time and again. Jerusalem is the Jewish capital of Israel, the Arabs can just go pound their sand.

    Jerusalem has always had a Jewish majority, even before the return of many Jews to the ancient area of Israel inthe 1800’s. Only until the 48′ war did E.J’lem become Arab. solely due to the Arabs occupying it illegaly. You make no mention of that.

    A single state is no solution at all, which demands the complete dismantling of the ONLY JEWISH STATE IN EXISTENCE. I can think of no greater example of anti-Semitism than for non-Jews + their self hating Jew acylotes to be promoting that idea.

    Israel has created NO CRIME, it’s the whining Arabs who refuse to co-exist with a Jewish state. In a world void of anti-Semitism, the war agaisnt Israel could not exist.

    I applaud attempts at promoting co-existence between the two sides, that should be tried whenever possible, inside Israel as well as outside it.

    The State of Israel promotes such efforts at every turn, but the sad state of affairs is, the so called “moderates” in the PA refuse to contribute to the joint projects, time and again. No greater example can be shown, than the anti-Semitism and anti-Israel rehtoric and incitement in the Palestinian media.

    They refuse to prepare their people for peace, no greater example can be shown that they have yet to give up on their bigger project called….Greater Palestine.

    I too do not believe in any high profile peace intitiatives, they are all a non-starter from my position, only until signs can be seen that the Arabs have given up fighting Israel for the glory of the whole Islamic Ummah.

    In the event that they give up on their bigger aims, of both wearing down the Israeli public and the international community in hopes of “having it all”, renounce terror and seek to honestly ending the conflict, then there wwill be peace.

    One of the biggest mistakes made by those in the international community who “want peace”, is to equate morally both sides in the conflict. There is no comparison.

  5. OBTW, the arabs, europe and the US have dumped BILLIONS into the PA, and for what do they have to show for it all…? NADA.

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