Andrew Bostom FGM Islamic misogyny

Bostom: NYT’s Clitoral Relativism…….

Read it and weep, and then shake your head in disgust over a journalist’s attempt to minimize or downplay the ramifications of having a FGM procedure. Bostom takes notice that the journalist fails to give any mention of the physical short and long term complications associated with FGM.

I believe that Andy’s post frimly drives a nail into the belief that FGM is mostly a N.African phenomenon.

Unbelievable that a female journalist would write such a “detached from reality” account of a brutal practice on a small girl. It looks like it could have been written by a Muslim misogynist male. Perhaps she should try out the procedure herself, then write an accurate report on what it’s like to live with it. More here. *L* KGS

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