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Malaysian Islamic Party Still Wants Stoning…….

Dato’ Haji Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat: “The people want the best and there is nothing better than Islam.” Yeah riiight!

KAMPUNG PULAU MELAKA, Malaysia (Reuters)Malaysia’s Islamist opposition party called on non-Muslims on Thursday to back its election campaign to apply strict sharia law, including amputations and stonings, for the country’s Muslims.

Parti Islam se-Malaysia (PAS) is trying to broaden its appeal beyond the predominantly Muslim heartland at the next election, which is expected by political experts to be called by end-March and to be fought partly on the issue of rising street crime.

Nik Aziz Nik Mat, is the leader of the small Malaysian opposition party, Parti Islam se-Malaysia (PAS), and has no hope whatsoever in getting the non-Muslim Indian and Chinese population to sign on to his program of Sharia, in spite of his assurances that it would only be applied to the Muslim population of Malaysia.

According to the Boston Globe article, even the majority of Malaysia’s Muslim population don’t agree with his plans –for Sharia based law– to become the law of the land. Perhaps Malaysian Muslims don’t see any societal benefit in being stuck in a pit, buried up to the chest and then cruelly executed by a frothing, violent mob.

This is proof that not all Muslims view the violent methods of their prophet as being applicable in the modern age. It doesn’t mean that the modernists could successfully argue their point from the Koran, because they are textually, on very thin ice. The main point here, is that most of Malaysians have made a decision to overlook key portions in the Koran that mandate such cruelty.

I also believe that the Malaysian Chinese and Indian populations have had a significant contribution in keeping Sharia from being viewed as a “good thing” by the rest of the country. But if Malaysia were ever to become a complete Islamic state, I doubt that the Parti Islam se-Malaysia (PAS) would remain a party in opposition for long. More here. *L* KGS

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  1. What a nutcase. Fortunately, it appears that this party has no chance of winning the national election.

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