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Survey Says: Finns Among The Most Xenophobic of Nations…….

The issues surrounding immigrants, immigration and multiculturalism has been clearly defined in Europe’s institutions throughout the EU. The official version of how one should view anything relating to the already mentioned, as well as the inclusion of the Muslim element, has been enshrined in gold.

To hold contrary opinions places you at risk of being labeled as a racist or xenophobe. The multiculturalists’ logic dictates how we are to think and behave, if one dares to counter it, watch out! The multicultural project is untouchable. Or so they think.

According to a recent Gallup poll conducted by the Finnish capital’s main newspaper, The Helsingin Sanomat, the majority of Finns view immigrants more sceptically if they come from poor third world countries.

“nearly one in two Finns (46%) takes the view that the migration from poorer countries into Finland is more of a threat than an opportunity. Fewer than one in three (30%) stress the positive side of the matter.”

If you (the dread and horror of it) consider immigration policies solely in how it best suits the interests of your country, your depicted as a xenophobe.

Read on: When the results of surveys on attitudes towards foreigners are set against the size of the foreigner population in the country, the Finns have been declared among the most xenophobic nations in the European Union. Finns would take in foreigners above all on the basis of national interest, and not on humanitarian grounds. The impending shortages of labour as the population goes grey in the years immediately ahead have clearly struck a chord.”

What are the Finns thinking, do they not know that they are a part of Scandinavia, and in Scandinavia, it’s not only the funding of your social welfare system that demands the importation of vasts amounts of immigrants, it’s also out of a sense of helping to deplete the congested Third World of its unwanted citizens. A failure to do so, puts you at risk of being placed into the camp of the undesirables, the unclean…the Nationalists.

“People in higher positions in the job market and those with a more advanced level of education regard the inward flow as an opportunity for Finland.”

Just feel the snobbery oozing in that statement, if you don’t think like the “better educated“, you must be a low wage earner, a droid, who can’t think for him or herself. Gee, what about the other considerations to help offset the damage the welfare state has caused Finnish society? How come the better educated can’t come up with other ideas like promoting an increase in the national birth rate, even offering incentives for the public to at least think about it?

I’m believe that immigration is a necessary thing, but using it as THE ONLY MEANS to help pay for the aging population, does not speak well of the intelligence of the better educated. That Finland wants to accept the right kind of immigrants to take in, is a Finnish sovereign right, how dare anyone think differently. It’s frustrating to hear both politicians and academics talking exclusively of immigration, while the simple home grown solution of national birth rate, remains too much of a taboo subject to broach publicly. More here. *L* KGS

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  1. Finland has, like other European countries, a relatively generous welfare system that is not founded on a solid basis. Instead, the current working generation pays the pensions of the retired population.

    So, the government invented this “work-related immigration” concept, which is, in essence, the same old thing with a different name.

    At the moment, it is not very difficult for the companies to recruit foreign workers. What the government has in mind is that they would bring in immigrants that could look for work for six months. In the initial state, these job search visas would be granted to immigrants coming from the Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia. I just wonder how they made up the list of countries. The last three do not look too promising as a source of skilled labour.

  2. Good for Finland. A xenophobic society is a healthy one – seriously. “Multiculturalism” is cultural suicide. Just trim some of those welfare benefits. It’s a much preferable alternative to letting in a bunch of jihadis who want to destroy your country.

  3. A little sidenote: Finland is not a part of Scandinavia. Though, it is part of Fennoscandia, but they have their differences.

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