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Finnish Blogger Gets Fined And Shut Down by Finnish PC Thought Crime Police…….

The blogger Tomashot, who operated the now defunct UUTISIA SUOMESTA website, a catalogue for various news stories and articles that dealt with immigration, Political Correctness and other Eurabia related issues, was dealt a serious blow by Finland’s judicial system today.

He was fined 825 € and ordered to close down his website. Over at Jussi Hallo-aho’s website, Scripta, I found out the following details:

(notice: The report I translated the text from is actually from Turkkilaista Tuumintaa, Halla-aho reports on it as well, and gives an account number to raise funds on Tomashot’s behalf.)

Tuusola circuit court found me guilty today of incitement against a national group. My verdict was a 825 € fine and all of my web pages were ordered to be closed down. Even though I insisted that my pages which were part of the factually based “News From Finland”, which publishes news concerning crimes committed by immigrants, and should be spared, but they were also judged to be closed down as well.

The verdict financially, was exceptionally harsh, nor do individuals with families have the money to spare for such a thing. According to the directive, I am to keep my web pages permanently closed. During the trial, I was left with the feeling that everything had already been judged before hand.

I believe that I explained my case and my position in a reasonable and acceptable manner, for which I was slapped with a verdict based on such a weak charge, just because I dared to be of a different opinion by bringing the stark realism of multicultualism for all to see.

But my case has now become just one of these “example cases” by which the voice of truth is silenced.

As far as I know, Tomashot’s webpages contained very little of his own material, it was more of a repository for news articles and blog posts from all over Finland —including the Tundra Tabloids— and from outside of Finland as well. According to the blogger –with whom I will shortly be in contact with– he was convicted for republishing snippets of posts and articles of stories the courts deemed unflattering towards minorities.

Tomashot states his innocence, that he never brought incitement against anyone, it was never his intention to bring incitement against anyone and therefore he has not done anything wrong. I will be following the Tomashot/Uutista Suomesta case closely, and filing reports as they come in. *L* KGS

Update: The Baron uncovered this whole story, and is on top of things. Muzzled (Again) in Finland

Update: 15.1.08 Tomashot’s web archive is still viewable here.

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  1. Freedom of speech is for democratic coutries, not for dictatorship like EUSSR.

    You shouldn’t speak against new world order project.

    Remember : if you’re white, you’re guilty ! You must disappear!

    And by the way, the EU dictators are the same who destroyed WTC.
    It’s an inside job !

    Just search on google, everything is clear now.

    Those monsters must go, they are destroying our countries !

    And sorry for the way in which I speak in English, i’m French.

  2. I did a google and Yahoo search for “UUTISIA SUOMESTA” & tomashot, and can’t find his blog. Do you have the address? I realize he had to take it down, but it should still be in the Google cache or available at the internet archive.

  3. Who is next? Thanks for your posting of this tragedy of freedom.

  4. Hi Anon, 9/11 was not an inside job by “EU dictators”, but by Islamist extremist terrorists.

  5. Only flattery is safe in EU zone.
    One has to base his website in a freespeech zone in order to last.
    It’s obvious that corrupted political “elite”, in EU, deliberatly works to take down freedom of expression.
    Guess who would be the beneficiaries?

  6. This is another worrying story, thanks for publicising it.

    I’ve added Tundra Tabloids to my blogroll, it’s a great resource.

  7. Thanks Crowsnest. We need to publicize this kind of outrageous, underhanded state intimidation far and wide.

    we also need to stick together! tks for the link, and I have done the same for you as well.

    Cheers *L* KGS

  8. Jussi Halla-aho just stated that the target sum of 825 euros has been reached, even though today’s donations have not been received yet.

    There has been talk of setting up a fund to support victims of thought crime prosecutions. However, nothing tangible has been done yet.

  9. Who do you call when an entire civilization seems to be becoming suicidal? Is there a HOTLINE number for this particular crisis?

    We write about these horrors daily, we pour our impotent outrage into this vast unseen blogosphere; and everyday it just gets worse.

    I just finished a piece about British blogger Lionheart facing arrest if he returns to England — and now this.

    If 9/11 didn’t do it — and it’s pretty obvious that it didn’t — then what the hell will it actually take before we start fighting back against this growing Islamic menace?

    How many more democratic Western cultures will have to be inundated and destroyed? How many more innocent people will have to die? How many more Western women will have to be gang-raped by unrepentant Muslim thugs?

    Where will it all end?

    Roger W. Gardner

  10. Finland or finns are actually
    under swedish or illuminati govern.
    Small group of swedes live in Finland and control almost anything.
    All political parties and politicians must ovey this swedish 'teror' in Finland.
    This has lasted hundreds of years.
    Our country has always been divided by Sweden and Russia, except last century- and now EU is deleting our democracy again. It is likely that swedes start ruling Finland again?

    Finns are kept ignorant about everything- media tells us nothing.

    This is horrible.

    Hundereds of thousands of messages about swedeish party in Finland, RKP-SFP has disappeared from internet, and blogs demanding rights for finns are banned or stopped.
    I beleieve that finns are harassed if they dare to resist swedish people in Finland.

    EU makes this all worse, because EU is nazi-politics, freemason elite politcs?

    Immigration is done against will of finns, and immigrants are living with finns, never sent to aras where swedes live. So also this can be understtod as swedish racism against finns.

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