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Islam: What You Need to Know…….

This documentary is directed to those who hold the same views (about the dangers western civilization faces) as the commentator who recently attacked the author of this blog, the Tundra Tabloids. *L* KGS

“I found it remarkable that your mentality is very similar to that of those new fascists: you have this strange siege mentality, you think you are persecuted and just about to be told to convert to Islam or die (no sane person in Finland shares this fear with you). You also hate liberals/leftists, whom you despise for not seeing the truth, which is always the way you think. […] You really are a weirdo.”

A documentary with Robert Spencer, Bat Ye’or, Serge Trifkovic, Walid Shoebat and Abdullah al-Araby (Dutch subtitles by Sagunto).

Hat/tip Brussels Journal

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  1. We’re back to the proverbial frog in a pot of heating water anecdote. You’d think that one would have sunk in better, given its popularity and longevity.

    I believe your commenter is one of many who are are handicapped in the area of discernment. They seem only able recognize clear, present, and immediate danger. Even then they engage it with a wall of denial. Recognizing a growing threat is a far more nuanced endeavor.

    The failure of educational institutions to teach history and critical analysis is depressingly apparent. Indoctrination has displaced that curriculum. I’d suggest your commenter read the recent history (last 50 years) of Lebanon. It used to be a nice, laid back place. Beruit was even nicknamed ‘Paris on the Med’ I believe. This of course was before the car-burning Paris we are familiar with today.

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