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  1. I’ve just read Chris Hedges’ book called American Fascists: the Christian Right and the War on America. I found it remarkable that your mentality is very similar to that of those new fascists: you have this strange siege mentality, you think you are persecuted and just about to be told to convert to Islam or die (no sane person in Finland shares this fear with you). You also hate liberals/leftists, whom you despise for not seeing the truth, which is always the way you think. In fact, once you use the word “left-wing”, which you appear to think is interchangeable with “communist” (even though the communist movement in Finland is pretty much dead), it seems you may as well rest your case. If somebody’s left-wing, they’re beyond all hope. You even use the same kind of vocab as those Christo-fascists: you label journalists you don’t like “activist journalists”; since when is “activist” a negative word, aside from when the Christo-fascists label gay rights advocates “activists”?

    BTW, I read elsewhere that you seem to think that the wall separating the West Bank from Israel is nothing more than a “security fence”, similar to what is found at the border between Finland and Russia. You have clearly never been to the border, because there is no fence, let alone a wall there. How do you think all the wild animals keep crossing the border, often on a daily basis?

    You really are a weirdo.

  2. Such a below the belt posting is comparable to a “drive by shooting”, like a gang banger trying to take out the opposition in the dark of night, scared of taking a hit back. Anyone who leaves an anonymous argumentum ad hominem attack does not really deserve a response. But anyways…..

    “Come out come out wherever you are” and engage in intelligent discourse.

    1.) I have never stated anywhere that I believe that “I’m just about to be told convert to Islam or die” in Finland. I have often stated that Finland is not in any way as bad off as the rest of Scandinavia. I aim to keep it that way.

    2.) I am more shocked at the way the Left, in all of its various shades of socialism, communism and fascism have aligned itself with the radical Islamists. Hedges, with whom you place great importance is just another prime example of a progressive with its head stuck in the sand. A fitting position since he or she doesn’t have to move very much from that position to the one that over a billion Muslims engage in on a daily basis.

    3.) I find Liberals (which land on the softer side of socialism) people with whom I can discuss with some success in a very reasonable way, unlike your pot shot contribution which is not a debate in any sense of the word.

    4.) The communist movement might be pretty much “dead” as you say, but it’s less violent twin (with the word “less” I’m being kind here) embodies much of the same objectives as the communists. You should read more.

    5.) The word “activist”, used to describe the methods of reporter, should be an anathema to any serious journalist, at least to the ones that I know personally. So yes, “activist” in conjunction with journalism takes on very negative connotations. No good journalist would ever stoop to propagandizing for a selected cause, at least the ones I know.

    6.) You err once more in claiming that I think that there is a de facto border fence running the distance of the border between Finland and Russia. You are referring to an article by Prof. Efraim Karsh https://www.google.fi/search?hl=fi&q=picture+of+finnish+russian+border+fence&meta= . Even though the old border fence does not exist in its former self, there still remains portions of a security fence in certain areas along the border.

    “Along the Finnish border it was not so well guarded since Finland agreed to send back all Russians who escaped. The fence was located a few km from the border, and still partly remains”

    I’ll refrain from taking non-productive “pot shots” at you, perhaps it might induce you to engage in serious discourse of the issue of the day. Perhaps.

  3. “perhaps it might induce you to engage in serious discourse of the issue of the day.”

    Don’t hold your breath. If you think you don’t need those anonymous pot shots, you can disable anonymous comments from the blog.

    Then again, most of those only do their garbage throwing once.

    Besides, Chris Hedges’s book represents paranoia and conspiracy theory at their worst.

  4. Thanks Vasarahammer, this guy most likely won’t visit again, but the invitation is out there, and I do so for the benifit of all the others who do read the comment section like yourself. Nothing like the light of day to expose those who have nothing concrete to add to anything.

  5. Someone, I think it was JINSA pointed out in a recent newsletter that while President Bush defined the West Bank as “occupied”, he did NOT describe it as an “illegal occupation”. Needless to say, the mainstream news media isn’t exactly interested in pointing out that distinction.

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