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US Commission Denounces Saudi Textbooks as Promoting Intolerance…….

An Islamic school in Fairfax County Virginia has come under fire for using Saudi funded textbooks that contains insulting and intolerant language towards Jews and other religious affiliations. Commission member Nina Shea stated that:

“We are very concerned, on a partial review of the Saudi Academy textbooks, [about] some passages that instruct that ‘jihad’ is ‘the pinnacle of Islam,’ that speak about impunity for murders of ‘polytheists’ or non-Wahhabis, that legitimize the murder of Muslim ‘apostates’ and that state the lives of only those non-Muslims living or working under Muslim rule are inviolable.”

But Abdalla I. Al-Shabnan, director-general of the Islamic Saudi Academy, has quickly placed the whole controversy into the “spin cycle”:

“We would never teach such things,” he said. “If there is anything wrong in the books, just tell me, and we will fix them. No problem.”

Uh huh. Riiiight. But some other Muslims are not so easily fooled though, and see right through the director-general’s outright lies, but wait, they only undermine the director-gen’s statement because they see nothing wrong in the intolerance being taught! Rizwan Ahmad, a parent, to one of the students at the school states:

“They picked up on one issue [of intolerance of nonbelievers] that is not unique to Islamic schools,”

Riiiiight! What in the world are you infidels complaining about, the majority of Islamic schools teach the very same tripe, so shut all your dhimmi mouths up and get used to it. But not all Muslims feel that way, Ali Al-Ahmed, who heads the nonprofit Institute for Gulf Affairs in Washington and a very vocal critic of the Saudi government “and who has monitored the academy’s curriculum” states:

It still has poison in it,” […] “Who are we kidding“?

Exactly. The Saudis are the chief proliferators of Wahhabi intolerance and jihad ideology, and use their oil revenues in securing one Islamic establishment after another for the glory of the Saudi kingdom and Islamic supremacy. Just who are we exactly kidding other than ourselves, by denying the obvious? More here. *L* KGS

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